Space Ambassador Speakers List

The following list identifies active NSS Space Ambassadors and the subject areas in which they give presentations. For detailed information about each speaker, and to see a list of the presentations they have given, click on the ambassador’s name.

Stevan Akerley
  • The Moon
  • Our Solar System
  • In Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
  • Robotics
  • Space launch and orbital hardware technology
Mark Armstrong
  • The US Space Force
  • Space Tourism
Prathmesh Barapatre
  • Space Solar Power
  • Commercial LEO Space Stations
Larry Bartoszek
  • Space Elevators
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey
  • General Science
Vanessa Farsadaki
  • Space Medicine
  • Mental and Behavioral Health in Space
  • Sexology and Reproduction in Space
Al Globus
  • Space Settlement
Loretta Hall
  • History of Human Spaceflight
  • Women in Space
Eric Harkleroad
  • Mars In-situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
Christean Kapp
  • Space Settlement Resources
Bruce Mackenzie
  • Mars Settlement
  • Mars Architectural Design
  • Orbital Settlement
Bryce Meyer
  • Space Farming
Jim Plaxco
  • Commercial LEO Space Stations
  • NASA Commercial LEO Destinations Program
  • Commercial Space
  • CisLunar Development
  • Mars Exploration and Settlement
  • NewSpace
  • Space Art
  • Space Economics
  • Space Policy
  • Space Settlement
Ken Ruffin
  • Future of NASA and Commercial Spaceflight
  • Space Travel
  • Space Development
  • Space Settlement
Avinash Shirode
  • Career and educational opportunity in space technology
  • Renewable energy
  • Discovery of universe through spirituality
Kevin Simmons
  • Aerospace Education
  • CubeSats, High Altitude Balloons
Casey Stedman
  • Suborbital Spaceflight
  • Human Factors of Space Travel
  • Planetary Settlement