Al Globus, NSS Space Ambassador

Al Globus

Al Globus

NSS Board of Directors

Al Globus worked at NASA Ames on space settlement, asteroid mining, Hubble, space stations, X37, Earth observation, TDRSS, CubeSats, lunar teleoperation, spaceflight effects on bone, molecular nanotechnology, and space solar power publishing dozens of papers on these and other topics.  He founded and has run the annual Space Settlement Contest for 7-12 grade students for over 25 years. Most recently, he found a way to build O’Neill-style space settlements with two or more orders of magnitude less mass and place them close to Earth, making launch from Earth practical.

Areas of Presentation Specialization

  • Space Settlement


  • Building Orbital Settlements in LEO


Santa Cruz area, Capitola, CA, Silicon Valley, California, USA

Available for Virtual Presentations: Yes
Available for In-Person Presentations: Yes, with travel compensation.

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