Bryce Meyer, NSS Space Ambassador

Bryce Meyer

Bryce Meyer

NSS Board of Directors

Bryce has worked in technological fields for 26 years, including service as a USAF Officer,  Engineer in aerospace, software, and internet technologies, running  a consulting company and bioreactor startup, and for the past twelve years as a Senior Member of the Technical Staff of the Software Engineering Institute  (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University. He has a B.S.  in Aerospace Engineering, a M.S. in Software Engineering, and an M.S. in Biology.

His commitment to space extends beyond that effort. He loves space and has since he was old enough to walk. He understands the imperative for our species to extend our range.  A species that does not continuously expand its range will at some point become extinct, due to a variety of accumulating causes.  That said, people are just plain happier when they have more places to go, people to meet, and things to do. We are all at our core seeking what is over the next horizon. There is more of every resource and more room to grow beyond the atmosphere. A nice side effect is that expanding beyond Earth will take pressure off Earth’s biome and resources, allowing lower density and a better life for those that stay here, and for the other species that are here.

Hence my motto: “Trillions of happy, smiling babies, everywhere!”

So what have I done? In addition to being in American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and an officer of the Space Colonization Technical Committee. I have been very active in the Saint Louis Space Frontier, and in the NSS overall. I am an Associate Fellow of the AIAA, and a current officer in the St. Louis Space Frontier.  I have written and illustrated four space STEM education books, that explain space technologies, and especially space settlement technologies, and been in schools to spread the word.  I have published numerous papers space farms and settlement. My work has advanced the details of making all the mass flow, with doable menus.

Other activities include:

  • Agriculture in Space

Areas of Presentation Specialization

  • Space Farming


  • Space Farming and Bio Reactors: Growing Food and Recycling Waste for Sustainable Living in Space
  • Mars potatoes, a more appealing approach to soiling

Location:  Saint Louis, Missouri USA

Available for Virtual Presentations: Yes
Available for In-Person Presentations: Yes, with travel compensation.

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