Prathmesh Barapatre, NSS Space Ambassador

Prathmesh Barapatre

Prathmesh Barapatre is the President of the Mumbai Chapter of the National Space Society. He is also a certified Gravitational Science Communicator by LIGOIndia. He has a bachelor’s in Mechatronics Engineering and attained his diploma in mechanical engineering. He has completed two electric vehicles from 2018-2020. He is also Administrator for Robotics with IOAA (International Organization of Aspiring Astronauts).

He has been working towards developing a foundation for the space industry by conducting diverse webinars, podcasts and activities that are not just limited to space enthusiasts, but also for general consumers. He has an interest in developing technologies for exploring the surface of other planets and water-based worlds. He is also the Executive Secretary for NSS Chapter Assembly along with being an NSS Space Ambassador. He has also been mentoring more than 500+ students in robotics under the K12 segment.

Areas of Presentation Specialization

  • Space Solar Power
  • Commercial LEO Space Stations


  • Earth’s Movement in Space
  • Space Solar Power
  • Commercial LEO Space Stations (Northrop Grumman Space Station)

Location: Mumbai, India
Available for Virtual Presentations: Yes
Available for In-Person Presentations: Yes, with travel compensation

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