Gary Barnhard, NSS Space Ambassador

Gary Barnhard

Gary received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park in 1982, combining Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science with graduate work in science policy, solar physics, and artificial intelligence/knowledge-based systems. His ongoing graduate studies include Graduate Certificate Programs in Space Commercialization and Entrepreneurship (2021) and Human Factors for Space Settlement (2022). He is completing a Masters in Space Studies program at the Kepler Space Institute focused on Orchestrating Symbiosis: frameworks for shared control between humans, robots, and advanced autonoma.

Gary is the President & CEO of Xtraordinary Innovative Space Partnerships, Inc. (XISP-Inc), a start-up company focused on Cislunar technology mission development work as well as Barnhard Associates, LLC, a systems engineering consulting firm and Internet Service Provider (

Gary is a robotic space systems engineer whose professional work includes many robotic, space, and computer systems engineering projects. His recent Technology Development, Demonstration, and Deployment (TD3) mission development work includes;

  • Space Solar Power and ancillary Services Beaming (SSPB),
  • Interoperable Network Communication Architectures (INCA),
  • Mission Operations Control Applications (MOCA),
  • Halfway To Anywhere (HTA),
  • Alpha Cube Sat (ACS).

His work on Space Solar Power mission development includes incremental approaches to Space-to-Space, Surface-to-Surface, Space-to lunar/Asteroidal surfaces, and Space-to-Earth solar power systems and their related applications.

He served as a Space Systems Engineer and Information Systems Architect for EER Systems and as a Senior Space Systems Engineer on the Grumman Space Station Systems Engineering and Integration Contract (SSEIC), responsible for advanced automation and robotic systems support.

Achievements Include;

  • Executive Secretary of the Space Station Freedom Program Robotics Working Group.
  • NASA Group Achievement Award for the Robotic Systems Integration Standards Interface Design Review Team
  • Outstanding Support Award from the Canadian Space Agency Space Station Freedom Program Liaison Office.
  • Associate Fellow of the AIAA and a member of the AIAA Space Settlement and Space Automation and Robotics Technical Committees.
  • IAF International Power Committee, the International Systems Engineering Committee,
  • Space Habitats Committee, and as the National Space Society delegate to the IAF.
  • Life member of the National Space Society (NSS), an At-Large board of directors member, and a Director of Strategic Relationships.
  • Received multiple awards, including the NSS Pioneering Space Award (2004);
  • NSS Award for Excellence (2005) & (2008).

He has served NSS in many capacities, including Chief Executive Officer, Vice President At-Large, Executive Director, and NSS United Nations NGO Delegation Administrator and Technical Lead. He was the Executive Director and co-founder of 1000+ member Space Interest Group MSFA/MASC (1977-1982) (L5 Society affiliate). Other space advocacy involvement include;

  • Space Development Foundation Founder/President/CEO,
  • Space Studies Institute (SSI) Senior Associate,
  • American Astronautical Society (AAS) member,
  • Space Frontier Foundation (SFF),
  • Advocate and Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Alumni.

Areas of Presentation Specialization

  • Space Station Engineering and Integration Contract (SSEIC)
  • Automation and Robotics for the Space Station Program
  • Robotic Systems Integration Standards (RSIS)
  • Space Solar Power and ancillary services Beaming (SSPB)

Presentations (90 documented)

  • Building Robots for the Moon (NSS SSS, 11/11/2022)
  • TUX Robot Demonstration (ISDC 2024)
  • Update on Space Solar Power (ISDC 2023
  • Update on the OASIS Project, for Lunar Basing on the MOON, Kepler Space Institute (ISDC 2023, 2024)

Location: Cabin John, Maryland
Available for Virtual Presentations: Yes
Available for In-Person Presentations: Yes, with travel compensation

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