Bruce Mackenzie, NSS Space Ambassador

Bruce Mackenzie

Bruce Mackenzie, former NSS Board of Directors

Bruce Mackenzie advocates low tech “homesteading” to live on Mars.  He originated the concept of Masonry structures on Mars, using regolith (dirt) to hold the internal pressure.  Bruce has been active in the National Space Society since the merger with the L5 Society. He served multiple terms on the NSS Board of Directors, chapters committee, local chapter, multiple  chapters web support, and other duties.

Bruce is the founder of the Mars Foundation, an NSS affiliated organization, dedicated to education and research on settlement of Mars. His special interest is the use of in-situ materials, such as production of plastic and masonry from the Martian air and dirt, to build habitats and 3D printing for Mars Settlement.

  Other activities include:

  •  Mars Society advisory Steering Committee, AIAA local council,
  •  Space Studies Institute, SEDS, Mars University,
  •   entrepreneurial ventures, software engineering, aerospace engineering, cad
  •   development, gps receivers, and, would you believe gun launched satellites.

  But, the most fun were:

  •   Mars Settlement designs, space elevators, and the use of rotating space
  •   tethers to establish industry on Luna and export Lunar materials,
  •   and intergalactic settlement.

  Bruce studied architecture and computer science at MIT. He is a consultant in computer applications and software, and his professional activities have included entrepreneurial ventures, software engineering, aerospace engineering, cad development, gps receivers, and gun launched satellites. Bruce lives near Boston, USA, with his spouse, they have 2 grown children.

Areas of Presentation Specialization

  •   Mars Settlement
  •   Mars Architectural Design
  •   Orbital Settlement, Steroidal Construction
  •   Comparing Lunar, Mars, Asteroid Settlement
  •   Construction with local Martian materials (ISRU materials)
  •   Mars Homestead (TM) Construction
  •   3D Printers for Mars and space
  •   StarShip to construct Mars Settlement
  •   Solar System Resources and Trade
  •   Types of Greenhouses for Space
  •   Rotating Tethers for orbital transport
  •   Phobos Tether / Elevator
  •   Space Elevators, for Mars, Phobos Luna, Earth, Asteroids
  •   Unusual Space launch and orbital  technology
  •   Mars In-situ Resource Utilization (ISRU)
  •   Minimum Programs for Mars Settlement
  •   Greenhouses for Space, Mars
  •   Simple Technologies for Space Settlement
  •   Future Space / Martian /  Inter-planetary Economy and Trade
  •   Designing your own internship in Space Settlement
  •   Advice on Organizing a Local NSS chapter


  • Custom presentations within the areas above
  •   Overview of Mars Settlement Designs by Mars Foundation
  •   Minimum One-Way Mars Settlement
  •   Questions about Living in Space and Future Space Settlement  (ask anything)
  •   Discussion on Raising the First Children in Space (guided discussion)
  •   Greenhouses for Space  (in progress)
  •   Tethers To Bootstrap Space Resources & Commerce
  •   Mars Homestead Construction Guide  (in progress)
  •   3D Printing for Mars and Luna
  •   StarShip to construct Mars Settlement (in progress)
  •   Mackenzie’s Sketches of Space Settlement  (in progress)
  •   Future Martian Economy and Trade
  •   Space Elevators for Mars

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Available for Virtual Presentations: Yes
Available for In-Person Presentations: Yes, with travel compensation.

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