L5 News 1977 Issues

l5 news ma 1977
L5 News, January 1977 12 pages, 714 kb PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • An Evoluntionary Imperative? by William J. Sauber
  • Movement into Space: Interview with Timothy Leary and Robert Frietag, part 2
  • Book Review: The High Frontier by Gerard O’Neill
L5 News, February 1977 20 pages, 1.8 MB PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • Opportunities for Students
  • Space Research and the Military, by John Holt
  • The Consequences of Extraterrestrial Colonization, by Michael A.G. Michaud
  • The L5 Society Slide Show
L5 News, March 1977 16 pages, 756 kb PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • Energy Crisis: A History Lesson, by Romualdas Sviedrys
  • Non-Terrestrial Resources, by Eric Drexler
  • Vapor Phase Fabrication of Structures in Space, by Keith Henson & Eric Drexler
  • L-5 Interview: Gerard O’Neill
  • Mobile Habitats as Starships, by Dr. Gregory L. Matloff
L5 News, April 1977 16 pages, 1.1 MB PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • Mining the Asteroids
  • L-5 Testimony in Congress
  • Islands in Space, excerpt from The High Frontier by Gerard O’Neill
  • Waste Heat Rejection Methods for Space Habitats, by H. K. Henson
  • UN Dignitary on Powersats, Space Settlements
L5 News, May 1977 32 pages, 1.9 MB PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • Developing Space Policy, by Jack D. Salmon
  • Interview: Arthur Kantrowitz Proposes a Science Court
  • Boeing Designers Answer Questions about Satellite Solar Power
  • Spacelab
  • L5 Testimony in Congress – part 2
  • Don Davis Art – two full-page color prints of Bernal Sphere interior and assembly
  • Bibliography on Space Industrialization and Space Settlement
L5 News, June 1977 8 pages, 342 kb PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • Earthport: International Launch Center Proposed
  • Space Telescope
  • 1977 Space Manufacturing Facilities Conference
  • Bibliography Update
L5 News, July 1977 8 pages, 468 kb PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • Sailing the Silent Main: The Solar Sail
  • More on Princeton Conference: O’Neill Top Priority Studies
  • Shuttle Tank Space Platform
  • Bibliography: Russian Papers
  • Space Warfare Replies
L5 News, August 1977 16 pages, 1.1 MB PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • Jupiter Orbiter Probe Politics
  • New NASA Administrator Robert Frosh
  • Book Review: Colonies in Space by T.A. Heppenheimer
  • What to Remember when Reading a Study Report
  • Tom Heppenheimer Views the Princeton Conference
L5 News, September 1977 24 pages, 1.0 MB PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • We’re Going: California Space Day, by George Koopman
  • Shuttle Milestones
  • ’77 NASA Summer Study: space cities can be on line by 1990
  • O’Neill Summer Study Notes, by Gerard O’Neill
  • Space Spider: new method to construct power satellites
  • Bibliography Update
L5 News, October 1977 28 pages, 1.5 MB PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • A Conversation Between Rusty Schweickart and Norie Huddle
  • German Company (OTRAG) Blasts Into Space Age
  • So You Want to Lobby? by Marc Boone
  • L-5 and the Jewish Community, by Bruce Friedman
  • Can Bees Navigate in a Space Colony? by Magoroh Maruyama
  • Sports in Space (excerpt from The High Frontier by Gerard O’Neill)
L5 News, November 1977 16 pages, 932 kb PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • Darth Proxmire – Senator Proxmire slams L-5 concept
  • Power Satellites and Space Colonies: What Are the Prospects? by T.A. Heppenheimer
  • Life in Space – A Place In Your Future? by Gordon Woodcock
  • Industrialization of Space Conference
  • Should We Colonize Space? Pro and con views
L5 News, December 1977 24 pages, 1.4 MB PDF Editor: Carolyn Henson
  • German Space Capitalist Under Attack
  • Industrialization of Space Conference: Chris Basler’s Staging Company
  • Report of the Summer Workshop on Near-Earth Resources, by J. R. Arnold
  • Giving Congress the Facts – A Key Job for the AIAA, by Jerry Grey
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