L5 News 1976 Issues

L5 News September 1976

L5 News, January 1976
10 pages, 168 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Senate Hearings on Power Satellites
  • Seamans on Nuclear and Solar Power
  • What Are Libration Points?
  • Power from Space
  • Kraft Ehricke and Space Industrialization
  • Psychocultural Aspects of L-5 Societies

L5 News, February 1976
8 pages, 128 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • NASA’s Yardley: L-5 “A Cinch”
  • Senate Hearings on Solar Power Satellites
  • Development of the Satellite Power Station
  • Power Satellite Construction from Lunar Surface Materials
  • High Earth Orbit Plasma Environment

L5 News, March 1976
8 pages, 380 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Senator Wendell Ford on Power Satellites
  • Frietag of NASA on Space Industrialization
  • L-5 Society UK Branch Newsletter
  • Tucson Space Farm Studies

L5 News, April 1976
8 pages, 132 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Space Colonization and the Soviet Union
  • Space Colonization at Lunar Science Conference
  • Habitat Conference: L-5 Society Plans Worldwide Impact

L5 News, May 1976
8 pages, 160 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Vajk Addresses Club of Rome
  • Military Aspects of SSPS Power
  • Need to Evaluate Feasibility of Space-Built SSPS
  • A-Strolling O’er the Astroturf: The Artificial Environment of a Space Colony
  • Stewart Brand: Our Man in the Counter-Culture

L5 News, June 1976
8 pages, 157 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • A Community in Space: Study with Asimov
  • Space: The Next Battleground
  • More Military Aspects of SSPS Power
  • Nuclear Mining
  • NASA to Fund Study of Space Industrialization
  • Cultural Futuristics Contest Winners

L5 News, July 1976
8 pages, 339 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Habitat: UN Conference on Human Settlements
  • Space Farm Debate
  • $8.5 Million Approved for Space Solar Power Studies
  • Military Implications of Space Colonies/SSPS
  • Gerry O’Neill in Penthouse

L5 News, August 1976
16 pages, 1.0 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Study Group Slashes L5 Cost Estimate
  • New Colony Design Unveiled
  • NASA Nixes Chlorella Burgers
  • Tim Leary on Snake Oil, etc.
  • Another Road to Colonizing Space
  • Home, Home on Lagrange, by T.A. Heppenheimer
  • Carbon Cycling in Space Communities

L5 News, September 1976
20 pages, 1.2 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • NASA Ames 1976 Summer Study, by J. Peter Vajk
  • L-5 Review: “Space Colonization: A Design Study”
  • Ralph Sklarew to Head SAI Team
  • Single Stage to Orbit Study
  • Satellite Solar Power Systems: An Interview with Dr. H. Richard Blieden (ERDA)
  • Space Farming Debate: Soil Culture vs. Hydroponics
  • Home, Home on Lagrange (part 2), by T.A. Heppenheimer

L5 News, October 1976
16 pages, 793 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • A Space Base for the 80s?
  • Colonies on the Moon
  • What Need NOT Be Done to Colonize Space, by Eric Drexler
  • Recent Developments in the Economics of Power from Space, by Mark Hopkins
  • Rockwell Wins Space Industrialization Study
  • Films on Space

L5 News, November 1976
16 pages, 956 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Industrialization of Space: The Next 25 Years, by Jesco von Puttkamer
  • Space Industrialization: Rationales & Key Technologies, by David R. Criswell
  • Controlled Environment Agriculture and Life in Space, by John M. Phillips

L5 News, December 1976
16 pages, 1.5 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Space Solar Power – Grumman Aerospace
  • Interview with Peter Glaser
  • Wireless Power-Transmission Test
  • Movement into Space: Interview with Timothy Leary & Robert Frietag

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