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l5 news, june 1978

L5 News cover, June 1978
Cover art courtesy of NASA Johnson Space Center illustrates space manufacturing scenario. Lower left, a mass driver reaction engine is propelling an asteroid into Earth orbit. Lower right, a mining and processing operation has been set in operation on a second asteroid. Upper left, a solar power satellite is under construction, utilizing resources from the nearby asteroid. Upper right, a Bernal shpere space colony houses 10,000 people, many of whom are working as asteroid miners and SPS construction workers.

L5 News, January 1978
24 pages, 1.0 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Deep Sea Mining: A Model for Extraterrestrial Resource Mining? by H.K. Henson
  • Astronaut Corps – Or Space Soldiers? by Robin Snelson
  • Preliminary Earthport Design
  • Bibliography Update

L5 News, February 1978
20 pages, 1.7 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • SPS in Congress
  • OTRAG: Bold Pioneer Faces Hostile World
  • Space Industrialization: Whence Cometh Confusion? by Gordon Woodcock
  • SPS: Near Future Energy Source?
  • Review: Space Colonies, edited by Stewart Brand
  • Industrialization of Space Conference papers

L5 News, March 1978
20 pages, 1.4 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • NASA Budget
  • Senate Symposium on Future of Space Applications
  • Congressional Testimony of Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill
  • Salyut 6
  • The Cosmos-929 Enigma, by James Oberg
  • More on Military Shuttle Pilots

L5 News, April 1978
20 pages, 1.1 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Sunsat Energy Council Formed
  • Jimmy C. Will Increase NASA’s Budget If Good Friend Jerry B. Will Take Permanent Space Walk
  • Convair to Design System For Space Orbit Assembly
  • Be Your Own Astronaut (if Bob Truax gets his way)
  • Space Mines, Space Law, and the Third World, by Eric Drexler
  • Salyut 6 Facts & Figures, by James Oberg
  • OTRAG News
  • The High Frontier in paperback

L5 News, May 1978
20 pages, 1.l MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • SPS Hearings: Momentum Lost?, by Ken McCormick
  • Melcher Introduces Senate Solar Power Satellite Bill
  • Microwave False Alarm
  • SPS – “A Gross Perversion of Our Solar Energy Priorities” (Rep. Ottinger)
  • HR 10601: Focus of Controversy
  • Microwaves: SPS Hazard, by Eric Drexler
  • Lunar Resources Study Underway
  • Soviet Spacecraft Mysteries Intensify, by James Oberg
  • Environmental Implications of SPS, by Peter Glaser
  • Earthport Launch Site Proposal Draws International Response

L5 News, June 1978
20 pages, 876 KB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Boland’s Committee Cuts NASA Appropriation
  • DOE, NASA’s Plans for SPS
  • Space Industrialization Study Indicates Space Investments Yield High Returns
  • Intrinsically Valuable Materials in Space, by Stewart Nozette
  • Some Rudiments of Economics for Non-Economists, by Gordon Woodcock
  • Response to “Space Mines”
  • Domicile and Industry in Outer Space (Precis and Epilogue), by J. Henry Glazer
  • L-5 Society Bylaw and Board Election

L5 News, July 1978
20 pages, 7 MB PDF
Editor: Eric Drexler

  • The New Space Program: Conflict, Cooperation, and Common Interest, by Eric Drexler
  • Suppose Isabella Had Said “No”? by Robert G. Nichols
  • A Social Psychologist Looks at the Space Program, by Charles J. Divine
  • Boeing, ADL Outline SPS Development Plans, by Eric Drexler
  • Offshore Satellite Solar Power Receiver Studied, by Tom Brosz
  • Laser Propulsion to Geosynchronous Orbit, by Eric Drexler
  • Bibliography Update

L5 News, August 1978
16 pages, 5 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Skyhook!, by Hans Moravec
  • OTRAG: Progress in the Face of Adversity, by Carolyn Henson
  • Space Settlements Conference at JPL, by Taylor Dark III
  • Space Processing: the “STAMPS” of Disapproval, by Leonard David

L5 News, September 1978
20 pages, 5.5 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • SPS Hearings (Part I), by Ken McCormick
  • Energy and Alternative Futures, by Gordon R. Woodcock
  • L5 Society Slide Show

L5 News, October 1978
20 pages, 6.6 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • NASA-Supported Study at University of Arizona Selects Crops for Closed Habitats in Space
  • L-5 Symposium at World Science Fiction Convention
  • The Prisoner and Space, by Lawrence Brozik
  • SPS Hearings (Part II), by Ken McCormick
  • Facts and Fallacies of Space Warfare, by James Oberg
  • AAS Conference: “The Future United States Space Program”

L5 News, November 1978
20 pages, 6.2 MB PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Russia’s “Guest Cosmonaut” Program, by James Oberg
  • What Are Solar Power Satellites? by Carolyn Henson
  • Solar Power Satellites: Boon or Boondoggle, by Mark Gibson
  • The Solar Power Satellite in the Time of Timidity, by Arthur Kantrowitz

L5 News, December 1978
20 pages, 6.9 MB PDF
Editor: Jennifer L. Atkins

  • Name of Newly-Discovered Asteroid Honors Camp David Peace Conference
  • International Astronautical Federation Conference, by Frederick H. Osborn, Jr.
  • Mining the Moon, by William N. Agosto
  • Carter Sets Space Policy, by Leonard David
  • Congress Views Space, by Paul J. Werbos

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