L5 News 1975 Issues

L5 News

In 1975, the L5 News was just a small newsletter

L5 News, September 1975 (first issue)
4 pages, 57 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Morris K. Udall Gives Support to O’Neill
  • NASA Summer Study Unanimously Recommends Space Communities
  • O’Neill Testifies Before Congress
  • Bibliography on Space Colonization

L5 News, October 1975
4 pages, 71 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • System Dynamics Applied to Space Communities
  • NASA/AMES – Stanford – ASEE Summer Study
  • Space Research and Development Corporation Proposed

L5 News, November 1975
6 pages, 111 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • House Subcommittee Calls for Space Colonization
  • Limits to Growth ’75 Conference
  • Vapor Deposition of Massive Structures
  • L-5 R & D Requirements Outlined
  • Legal Structure for Space Exploration
  • L-5 Society Presents Testimony at ERDA Meeting

L5 News, December 1975
10 pages, 130 kb PDF
Editor: Carolyn Henson

  • Hudson Institute Predicts Building Space Colonies
  • NASA’s Fletcher on Space Colonization, Solar Power Satellites
  • Future Space Programs 1975 (Congressional Report)
  • Organizational Meeting of the New York Chapter of L-5
  • Bibliography Update

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