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Category: Nonfiction Reviewed by: Peter Spasov Title: Bennu 3-D: Anatomy of an Asteroid Authors: Dante S. Lauretta, Brian May, Carina A. Bennett, Kenneth S. Coles,

The NSS Iowa Chapter meeting presentation on October 16, available world-wide via Zoom, will feature speaker Dan Hoy, local NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador and

By Robin Scott Image: Visualizing the trajectories through the solar system of asteroids discovered by ADAM. Credits: B612 Asteroid Institute, University of Washington DiRAC Institute,

The Double Asteroid Redirection Test Has Successfully Met Its Target Image: Photo of the asteroid moonlet Dimorphos seconds before the DART spacecraft crashed into it.

The NSS Campaign to Save NEO Surveyor (Near-Earth Object Surveyor Mission) By Jonathan Dagle, NSS Planetary Defense Program Manager Asteroids have been striking the Earth

© by Dale Skran, NSS Chief Operating Officer Image: NASA Lucy mission will fly by eight asteroids (courtesy NASA) You can’t develop or settle that

By Trevor J. Mills OSIRIS-REx has just entered orbit around asteroid Bennu on New Year’s Eve, 2018. The Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer

Illustration by Akihiro Ikeshita (C) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) By Trevor Mills What is Hayabusa2? Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa2 (“Peregrine Falcon” in Japanese) is a

With the successful launch of a United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 411 on September 8 at 7:05 PM EST, 2016 from Space Launch Complex 41

Deep Space Industries announced today its plans to fly the world’s first commercial interplanetary mining mission. Prospector-1™ will fly to and rendezvous with a near-Earth

NSS Executive Vice President Dale Skran writes: In the current April 20-26 print issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, one of the top three business magazines in

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Image of Kalpana One space settlement courtesy Bryan Versteeg, $32,000 in Cash Awards Given for Best Space-Related Business Plans — Deadline March 1, 2024

Category: Nonfiction Reviewed by: John J. Vester Title: Nuclear Rockets: To the Moon and Mars Author: Manfred “Dutch” von Ehrenfried Format: Paperback/Kindle Pages: 270 Publisher:

Partially Successful Flight Reached Space and Demonstrated New “Hot Staging” System The National Space Society congratulates SpaceX on the second test of its Starship/Super Heavy

Ad Astra, the NSS quarterly print, digital, and audio magazine, has won a 2023 MARCOM Gold Award. The awards are given yearly for “Excellence in

By Jennifer Muntz, NSS Member Coordinator On October 10th, an inspiring breakfast event took flight at the Center for Space Education at the Kennedy Space

By Grant Henriksen NSS Policy Committee Benefit sharing is a concept that refers to the distribution of benefits derived from the exploration and use of

People residing and working in space, space settlements, or on long-duration space flights will need to produce infrastructures and food to maintain healthy lifestyles. The

Image: Artist’s concept of the Blue Moon lander. Credit: Blue Origin. Second Human Landing System Contract Encourages Competition and Innovation The National Space Society congratulates