Will Russians Beat The US Back To The Moon?

Russia to approve new Moon rocket
Over 40 years after the United States landed on the Moon the Russia may finally follow suit. This would be unimportant except the US abandoned the Moon for decades and now we are heading back but we may find this time we have company.


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3 thoughts on “Will Russians Beat The US Back To The Moon?”

  1. Everyday that goes by without a new head of NASA just makes me feel like the Obama Administration does not care about space at all. I feel abandoned by my country. I had a vision of a new America. “Change we can believe in” and “Green Jobs” to me, meant making Colossal Carbon Tubes in the 18 mile long variety, suitable for a stationary space elevator on earth in the next ten years, not decades away. Such an earth based space elevator would cut the cost of space transportation by three orders of magnitude and make sunsats more than economical. I want to drive an electric car powered by wind, the sun, and and sunsats. I want to live in a world with a moon base and a mars colony starting now. Guys like General Worden think this is just a fantasy like santa claus. I don’t, and who ever heads NASA should still have the dream too. The dream is still alive.


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