Space Ambassadors Program Checklist

The Space Ambassador Checklist includes the following steps as a minimum:

    1. NSS Space Ambassadors must be NSS members. (NSS Membership Form, NSS membership information)
    2. Read and Understand the Space Ambassadors Code of Conduct
    3. Read and Understand the Space Ambassadors Presentation Rules


  1. Submit your completed application for review.
  2. Receive Space Ambassador disposition of your application. (Received, Under Review, Recommended Actions, or Proceed to Demonstration Presentation.).
  3. Prepare Demonstration Presentation, or use a prepared SA Presentation.
  4. A Live Presentation with members of the SA Subcommittee may be required (via teleconferencing).
  5. The SA Subcommittee will review the presentation and decide further recommendations and/or approve your promotion from Applicant to Candidate Status.
  6. The Candidate Space Ambassador shall have 1 year or until the following ISDC Conference to deliver two presentations, according to the SA Presentation Rules.
  7. Following a successful 1 to 1 1/2 year Candidate period, the candidate will be eligible to become a Certified Space Ambassador for a 3 year period.
  8. NSS Space Ambassador Badges will be issued for Candidate and Certified Space Ambassadors by the SA Subcommittee.