Space Ambassadors Presentation Rules

space ambassadors presentation at challenger center

A Space Ambassadors presentation to a group at a Challenger Center

  1. Presenter must be a current NSS Member. (NSS Membership FormNSS membership information)
  2. Professional demeanor and personal appearance are critical!
  3. The dress code is Professional Casual. Professional Formal may be appropriate for some audiences and occasions.
  4. Presenters must be cleanly groomed.
  5. Presenters should check out the presentation site and equipment before the presentation date. Expect some technical difficulties and fix or adapt as necessary. Do a Dry Run to make sure everything works.
  6. Presenters should arrive early to the presentation location (30 minutes recommended), so they can set up and test before the presentation start time.
  7. The presenter should start the presentation on time and end it on time.
  8. Good presentation skills are essential. These include speaking loudly and clearly, using a microphone appropriately, being succinct and to the point, and delivering the presentation smoothly and continuously. Presenters should rehearse their presentation enough to ensure professional delivery.
  9. Presenters should speak with confidence, poise, and enthusiasm. This is infectious and is one of the qualitative deliverables of the presentation.
  10. Presenters must know their material well before they present it. This will help with the delivery.
  11. Presenters should stick to the facts of the presentation and not ramble or go off on tangents.
  12. Presenters are provided with an NSS Space Ambassador badge which they can wear at the presentation if appropriate. Wearing the badge during a presentation is required for Space Ambassador Candidates.
  13. Presenters are to remember that they are representing the NSS and its members.
  14. Presentations are an “Education Outreach” activity.
  15. Presenters should verbally explain the source information and references on the PowerPoint slides being presented. This includes:
    1. Identifying webpage links, magazines, books, newspapers, etc.
    2. Presenting sources both physically on the slide and verbally in the presentation.
  16. Q&A (Questions and Answers) is an important part of the presentation. Presenters must expect that some questions may reflect a low level of understanding, and remain patient and respectful at all times.
  17. If the presenter does not know the answer to a question, he/she should say so and make it an action item to get an answer.
  18. No religious or political dialogue is allowed. There may be those who want to argue with the presenter. Presenters must not engage in arguments.
  19. Presenters are requested to send a digital copy of their presentations in English, (may be in .pdf, .ppt, or other acceptable format) to the Subcommittee for review.
  20. Presenters are asked to notify the subcommittee, when they have given a presentation, within 30 days after the actual presentation, including date, location, attendance, and sponsor, sponsor contact information.
  21. Presentations for Space Ambassador Candidates will begin with:
    1. A standard cover page with title, date, location, author, and
    2. A presentation outline or table of contents (See Examples).
  22. Certified Space Ambassadors can have alternate presentation formats as appropriate.
  23. Space Ambassador Candidates will give a minimum of 2 presentations per year. Certified Space Ambassadors are requested to give as many presentations as reasonably possible.

Document Revision 6, 01/07/2019