Space Ambassadors Example Presentations

Following are examples by subject area of presentations given to different audiences by NSS Space Ambassadors.

Presentations about space settlement

Presentation Title Presenter
Robotic Space Settlement Jim Plaxco
The High Frontier An Easier Way Tom Marotta and Al Globus
Update on Space Settlement: The Human Future Stevan Akerley

Presentations about exploration of the Moon

Presentation Title Presenter
Getting Men to the Moon: Behind the Scenes Stories Loretta Hall
New Mexico’s Role in Sending Men to the Moon Loretta Hall
Ride to the Moon with Neil, Buzz, & Mike Loretta Hall
Proposed Lunar Science Base Stevan Akerley
Lunar Science Base Stevan Akerley

Presentations about the exploration of Mars

Presentation Title Presenter
In situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) for Life on Mars Eric Harkleroad
Mars Analogues Stevan Akerley
Mars ISRU Eric Harkleroad
The Martian: Fact or Fiction? Loretta Hall
Update on Space: Mars Analogues Stevan Akerley

Presentations about astronomy, cosmology, and planetary science

Presentation Title Presenter
An Introduction to the World of Cosmology Mark Baraket
Caverns Measureless to Man: Interdisciplinary Planetary Science & Technology Analog Research Stephen Daire
Great Civilizations Solar System Discovery Christean Kapp
Our Solar System Stevan Akerley
Our Sun Mark Baraket
Planet Earth as Art: The View from Space Jim Plaxco
The Connection Between the Periodic Table and Astronomy Larry Bartoszek
The Great Space Telescopes Stevan Akerley
The Moon, Asteroids, and Mars Ken Ruffin
The Search for ET Stevan Akerley

Presentations about space explorers

Presentation Title Presenter
Astronaut Mentality: As above so below Stephen Daire
Can I Still Be An Astronaut? Jeff Smith
Careers and Lessons in Aerospace Casey Stedman
Dr. Randy Lovelace and the Astronauts Loretta Hall
Extravehicular Activities & Cave Diving: The Next Generation of Human Development & Exploration of Space Stephen Daire
Space Cowboys (But Not Like the Movie) Loretta Hall
Mars & Venus: Space Travel Differences for Women & Men Loretta Hall

Miscellaneous Presentations about space exploration

Presentation Title Presenter
CRM Applications for Commercial Spaceflight Casey Stedman
Growing Food on Earth and in Space Bryce Meyer
Historical Perspectives on Frontiers in Imagination Loretta Hall
Launch America Casey Stedman
New Mexico’s Contributions to Space Travel Loretta Hall
Space Exploration Update & Human Future in Space Stevan Akerley
Space Exploration, Our Solar System Stevan Akerley
The Selling of Space Stevan Akerley
The Space Ambassadors Program Stevan Akerley
The Space Elevator from Science Fiction to Engineering Larry Bartoszek