O’Neill Style Cylinder Colony Orbiting Mars Space Art

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Space Settlement Art Contest Goetz Scheuermann O'Neill Style Cylinder Colony Orbiting Mars

O’Neill Style Cylinder Colony Orbiting Mars

by Goetz Scheuermann
Category: Orbital Settlements (or Martian Settlements)

Description: Image shows a colony cylinder, close to the O’Neill Cylinder design. Size around 15km length and 2km diameter. This 1-g rotating cylinder is orbiting Mars during the long Mars terraforming process. Three artifical suns moving along the center power supply tube simulate day/night. Weather towers produce clouds/rain/wind. Station wheels with lifts/control rooms on each end, traveltubes along the land masses, and a Superconductor Solar-Energy Mesh around the whole cylinder.

Medium/Tools Used: The cylinder was constructed in Hexagon 2 modeler and then imported into Vue 6.5 Infinite. There I added the land area surface with grass, buildings, walkways. The cloud layer was rendered in Vue 6.5 Infinite as a separate render. Final work was done in Paint Shop Pro 10 by adding some lakes and combining the cloud layer with the colony cylinder image.

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