NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar Art Contest Judging Guidelines

Judges are to adhere to the following guidelines in evaluating the works of art that have been submitted to the NSS Space Settlement Art Contest.

1) The art must feature one of the following types of space settlements:

1. Orbital settlements
2. Settlements in or on asteroids
3. Settlements on the Moon
4. Settlements on Mars

2) The art must provide a realistic depiction of future human space settlements and associated activities/endeavors in the solar system.

3) If the art is of an interior scene, there must be a view to the outside (a window) that makes it possible to easily identify the location or setting of the scene.

4) The art should provide an uplifting, positive message of our future in space. Images that contain scenes of battle, criminal activity, morally offensive activity, etc. are to be excluded from consideration.

5) The art must be non-offensive and appropriate for viewing by children.

6) Depictions of identifiable persons, whether real or fictional, is not permitted.

7) The art must be oriented so as to be acceptable in the calendar print landscape layout.

Once the art contest is closed, January 31 2007, the Judges will be provided with a judging form and a userid and password for accessing the master catalog of submitted art. This catalog will contain full size jpegs of all accepted artwork.

The Judging Period will be from February 01, 2007 until midnight Feb 20, 2007 and will consist of two rounds.

The first round of voting will last from February 01 2007 until February 09 2001. In this round each judge will select 12 works for inclusion in the second round using the following distribution:

2 – best overall image
2 – best depictions of a Lunar Settlement
2 – best depictions of a Mars Settlement
2 – best depictions of an Asteroid Settlement
2 – best depictions of an Orbital Settlement
2 – best depictions at the judges discretion

The second round of voting will last from Feb 10 2007 until Feb 20 2001. In this round each judge will vote for their top three preferences in each of five categories as follows:

Vote WeightCategory
1st Best Overall Image
2nd Best Overall Image
3rd Best Overall Image
1st Lunar Settlement
2nd Lunar Settlement
3rd Lunar Settlement
1st Mars Settlement
2nd Mars Settlement
3rd Mars Settlement
1st Asteroid Settlement
2nd Asteroid Settlement
3rd Asteroid Settlement
1st Orbital Settlement
2nd Orbital Settlement
3rd Orbital Settlement

Individual judges votes will be tallied by Jim Plaxco, the Chair of the Judging Committee, using a weighted logarithmic formula. Details of the individual judges votes along with the final analysis will be provided to the judges and the Space Settlement Art Contest Committee for review.

The formula that will be used to tally the vote total is as follows:

RANK= ((V/N)^3 * log((N+3)*2))


V = Sum of the individual Judge Ratings for the picture (value of 1-3)
N = Number of Judges Voting for the image


If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email the NSS Space Settlement Calendar Committee Chair Jim Plaxco at: (email closed)

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