NSS Art Contest Judging Guidelines

Judging Guidelines

Judges are to adhere to the following guidelines in evaluating the works of art that have been submitted to the Roadmap to Space Art Contest.

1) The art must meet the specified criteria on the contest Home Page.

2) The art must provide a REALISTIC depiction of future human space and associated activities and endeavors. We are not looking for abstract, impressionistic, fantasy, surrealist, or science fiction art.

3) If the art is of an interior scene, there should normally be a view to the outside (a window) that makes it possible to easily identify the location or setting of the scene. Exceptions are permissible when the subject matter warrants it.

4) The art should provide an uplifting, positive message of our future in space. Images that contain scenes of battle, criminal activity, etc., are to be excluded from consideration.

5) The art must be non-offensive and appropriate for viewing by children.

6) Depictions of identifiable persons (other than the artist), whether real or fictional, is not permitted.

7) Artwork should be the entrants own work and not contain in whole or part the work of others or generative artificial intelligence. Judges should take care to identify if any of the work has been plagiarized or generated by artificial intelligence.

8) In addition to meeting all stated guidelines of submissions, a consensus of the judges may decide not to award Grand, First, and/or Honorable Mention awards in any particular year if it is determined that sufficient artistic merit has not been achieved. In effect, the judges may decide not to give out any awards in any award category.

9) Judges should consider usage of medium to complement design (ex. Watercolor captures the beauty of space)

10) Judges should consider the short description of the artwork.


If you have any questions regarding the contest, please email the NSS SpacEdge Contest Coordinator.