Lover’s Lookout Space Art

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Space Art Contest Orbital Lovers Lookout

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Lover’s Lookout

by Phil Batchelor
Category: Orbital Settlements

Description: Dear Suzy: Today, I had lunch with that guy I told you about (I met on the voyage out to Ganymede). Do you recall that he got a good job as a trainee Mirror Technician, monitoring the computers that control the opening and closing of the main habitat mirrors? Well, before we went to lunch, he got permission to show me around his workplace. I must admit that I did not pay too much attention to what he was showing me on the computer, because I was distracted by the view out the window! Samantha

Medium/Tools Used: This is a functioning virtual environment created using free and open-source tools and materials. I used Anim8tor for 3D modeling work. The model is animated and rendered in the Celestia Space Simulator from which images are taken. No post-processing aside from cropping. Some props are used courtesy of and Some textures are derived from aerial photography of the City of Davis, CA.