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Category: Fiction Reviewed by: Casey Suire Title: Titan of Cislunar Space Author: Peter J. Schubert NSS Amazon link for this book Format: Paperback/Kindle Pages: 497

Category: Fiction Reviewed by: Susan Raizer Title: Critical Mass Author: Daniel Suarez NSS Amazon link for this book Format: Hardcover/Kindle Pages: 464 pages Publisher: Dutton

Category: Fiction Reviewed by: Susan Raizer Title: Delta-V Author: Daniel Suarez NSS Amazon link for this book Format: Hardcover/Kindle Pages: 448 Publisher: Dutton Date: April

This Space Available, by Emily Carney. To celebrate twelve years of This Space Available, here are twelve spaceflight books – in no particular order, some

Category: Fiction Reviewed by: John J. Vester Title: Holdout Author: Jeffrey Kluger Format: Hardcover, paperback, Kindle Pages: 352 Publisher: Dutton Date: August 2022 Retail Price:

An alternate-history thriller about an Apollo 18 mission involving murder as Americans and Soviets simultaneously compete and cooperate with each other.
Power Challenges is the fourth book In the Power series novels. Although the reviewer did not read the three prior books, she found that the
A team of lunar explorers investigate a momentous discovery leading to an audacious mission aboard a restored extraterrestrial spacecraft to divert an extinction-capable asteroid from
With this book Weir skips the rest of the solar system and heads straight out for interstellar space. Readers of science fiction that cares about
The Jim Baen Memorial Award is a science fiction contest jointly administered by the National Space Society and Baen books, presented annually at the International
The Shiva Encounter is a sequel to Cook’s Arcadia Mars and The Aquila Mission. Shiva is a one-hundred kilometer asteroid with a one in fifty
A potential Earth-destroying disaster looms, so humanity must establish a colony on Mars soon. This is the premise driving Arcadia Mars. Though fiction, this story
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By Mark Hopkins (Summer 2016) On March 16, 2016, Congressman Dana Rohrabacher introduced the “Space Exploration, Development, and Settlement Act of 2016” into the U.

By Mark Hopkins (Fall 2015) The long-run goal of the National Space Society (NSS) is people living and working in thriving communities beyond the Earth,

The National Space Society’s 2011 ISDC gala was held off-site from the conference hotel at the Davidson Center for Space Exploration. This provided an elegant

Traditionally, environmentalists argue we should protect the environment because this is good for human welfare. No one wants polluted air or water. A beautiful view

Since Fred Ordway and I led a panel discussion on “How the Space Movement Began” during the 2010 ISDC, it has become apparent that there

Space development has been good for the environment. It was a satellite that detected the ozone hole in the atmosphere, and today that hole is

The Space Movement is about more than space: it is about a hopeful future for humanity. You can expect to hear the term Space Movement

Opinion by Dale Skran, NSS COO Image: Blue Origin team after the July 20 successful flight. Courtesy Blue Origin. The age of space tourism at