A Postcard from Mars – Arrival Space Art

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Space Settlement Art Contest Postcard from Mars Arrival

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A Postcard from Mars – Arrival

by Phil Batchelor
Category: Orbital Settlements

Description: Dear Brian and Nancy: Well, we have finally arrived! There has been a real buzz of excitement on board ship in the last few days as we started having views of the colony. I took this shot as we passed a farming cylinder on our way to the spaceport located between the 2 main habitats. Each agricultural cylinder is 1.8km in diameter and rotates at 1 rpm. The main habitats are 7.2 km in diameter and rotate once every 2 minutes. Best wishes, Edward and Hilary

Medium/Tools Used: This is a functioning virtual environment created using free and open-source tools and materials. I used Anim8tor for 3D modeling work. The model is animated and rendered in the Celestia Space Simulator from which images are taken. No post-processing aside from layout/cropping. Some props are used courtesy of artist-3d.com and max-realms.com. Some textures are derived from aerial photography of the City of Davis, CA.