Sun Power:

The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis The Global Solution for the Coming Energy Crisis

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by Ralph Nansen

Copyright 1995 by Ralph Nansen

“The future of mankind is dependent on abundant, low-cost energy that will not destroy our world. There is only one known source for that energy — solar power satellites.” So writes Ralph Nansen, who led the Boeing team of engineers in the Satellite Power System Concept Development and Evaluation Program for the Department of Energy and NASA. His book, Sun Power, offers a vision of hope and a plan to begin the long journey to environmentally safe energy independence and global healing.

Comments on This Book

“We in this country are too prone to deal with the issues facing us only after the problem has reached the crisis stage…. I believe that Sun Power will help to show that energy from space is a realistic proposal and that it has great commercial potential.” — Chris Kraft, former director, Johnson Space Center

“The time is again right to bring this very important energy option to the attention of the American public.” — Joseph P. Allen, former Space Shuttle astronaut

“The contents of this book should be of interest to the non technical reader…. Nansen presents the rationale for solar power satellites in an understandable form devoid of the usual technical jargon to make the subject accessible to the public.” — Dr. Peter E. Glaser, inventor of the solar power satellite concept

“This is a timely subject for many reasons: the growing realization of the need for energy, the enhanced environmental consciousness, and the strong . . . governmental interest in finding appropriate tasks for the defense industrial infrastructure.” — Gregg E. Maryniak, Director, International Space Power Program, International Space University

“Finally, the world can raise its hopes for a renewable, nonpolluting energy source. Sun Power should come . . . as good news after what has been a dismal public record on power issues. As a writer who has covered power issues for two daily newspapers, I consider this an opportune time for Sun Power to be published.” — Patrick Moser, independent consultant formerly with the Tri-Cities Herald