Space Settlement Workshop

Invitation Only

This invitation-only workshop will be limited to under 70 participants and managed to ensure a focused outcome to include a public report highlighting key areas of needed research and critical unknowns that must be addressed for humanity to begin large-scale settlement of orbital space. We very much look forward to your participation!

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Hosted by NSS in collaboration with NIAC and TransAstra

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Space Settlement Workshop

What: Space Settlement Workshop
When: Thursday & Friday, November 4th & 5th, 2021
Where: Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, LA (Directions)
Cost: $595 Registration fee covering breakfast, lunch, snacks, and receptions
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About The Workshop
Invitation Only
Topics We’ll Cover
Space Settlement Summit
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About the Workshop

The intent of this workshop is to re-awaken interest in large scale space settlements along the lines of those originally proposed by Gerard K. O’Neill in the latter half of the 20th century. While our technology, economy, and society have all grown and evolved substantially in the decades since O’Neill, there has been little work devoted to his ideas that incorporate new and better approaches appropriate for our time. With highly cost effective and fully reusable orbital launch vehicles being developed by industry, now is the time for a new look at space settlements. Now is the time to carefully consider building worlds in space made from materials harvested from the Moon and asteroids. This workshop will consider space settlements in the light of developments and breakthroughs across a range of technical, financial, and cultural realms.

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  • Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and reception food are all covered by the registration fee.
  • Light Breakfast: 8am – Start time.
  • Coffee and Tea will be served 8am through noon.
  • Lunch Time: Noon to 1PM.
  • Refreshments will be served around 3PM.
  • Please no recordings of table conversations.
  • Participants are responsible for paying for their own hotel and transportation.
  • There is an evening reception on Friday November 5th at the Mosaic Hotel from 6 pm to 9 pm to which Space Settlement Summit participants are also invited

Topics We’ll Cover

In addition to cross-cutting systems issues and approaches, twelve topic areas are planned for the workshop including:

  • Settlement architectural design.
  • Mission design and settlement orbital location.
  • Engineering design of mega-scale space systems.
  • Systems for in-space manufacturing of massive structures from feedstocks, harvesting, feedstock production.
  • Space resources.
  • Closed loop ecological life support systems.
  • Multi-generational human biology and health in space.
  • Defense and law enforcement.
  • Ethics, treaties, law, and regulation.
  • Applications of hyper-velocity systems (lunar launch and asteroid propulsion).
  • Cultural/artistic/recreational needs and implications of space settlements.
  • Business, finance, funding, the role of government and PPP.
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You are welcome to stay at the hotel where the Workshop is being held – the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
There are two hotels for lower cost accommodations.
  • The Mosaic Hotel at $209 per night plus taxes. Reserve Room
  • The Maison 140 at $159 per night plus taxes. Reserve Room
  • On Friday November 5th, there is an evening reception at the Mosaic Hotel from 6 pm to 9 pm to which Space Settlement Summit participants are also invited.
Both are located in Beverly Hills about 2 blocks away from the main hotel, the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
Note that blocks of rooms at special rates are set aside for this event at the Mosaic and Maison Hotels. You may stay at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills at the best current rate but there is no block of reserved rooms.
Mosaic Hotel and Maison

You are invited to attend the Space Settlement Summit

When: Saturday & Sunday, November 6th & 7th
All workshop participants are invited to attend the Space Settlement Summit, to be held November 6th-7th at the Beverly Hilton. If you choose to do so, a discounted combination rate of $1295 is charged.
Any Workshop participant may use their Workshop badge to gain free admission to the Space Settlement Summit Saturday morning, not including lunch for the purpose of participating in the session devoted to the progress of the Workshop. Any Workshop participant who is an NSS invited speaker/panelist during the rest of the Summit will be fully comped for the Summit registration fee.

Hosted by NSS in collaboration with NIAC and TransAstra

Dale Skran

COO and Senior VP National Space Society

Jason Derleth

Jason Derleth

Program Executive NIAC

Joel Sercel

Joel Sercel

Founder & CEO TransAstra Corporation