Shelley A. Harrison Biography

Shelley Harrison Biography

Shelley A. Harrison

Shelley A. Harrison, Ph.D. has served as the Chief Executive Officer of SPACEHAB since April 1996. He has been a member of the Company’s Board of Directors since August 1987, and was elected Chairman of the Board in August 1993. SPACEHAB, Inc. (Nasdaq: SPAB) is the world’s leading provider of commercial payload processing services for both astronaut-tended and unmanned payloads. SPACEHAB is the first company to commercially develop, own and operate habitable modules that provide space-based laboratory facilities and logistics resupply aboard the U.S. Space Shuttles to support people living and working in space.

Dr. Harrison co-founded and served as Chairman and CEO of Symbol Technologies Inc., (NYSE-SBL) from 1973 to 1982. Symbol Technologies Inc. is the world leader in bar code laser scanning technologies. Dr. Harrison is a founder and Managing General Partner of PolyVentures I & II organized in 1987 and 1991 respectively. These high tech venture capital funds have financed and developed over twenty-four companies, many of which are now public. He has also been a Member of Technical Staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories and a Professor of Electrical Sciences at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Dr. Harrison holds a Ph.D. and MS in Electrophysics from Polytechnic University and a Bachelor’s Degree of Electrical Engineering from NYU. He is a member of numerous honor societies, trade and industry organizations, technology advisor to governments, author of books and technical publications and holder of numerous patents. Dr. Harrison is also a member of the Boards of AppliedTheory Corporation, Inc.,, Information Resource Engineering, Inc., and NetManage, Inc., as well as several private technology companies.