Richard Godwin Biography

Richard Godwin Biography

Richard Godwin

Since he was seven years old, Richard Godwin has been a space enthusiast. He used to organize trips from his school to Jodrell Bank when he was 13 years old. He also started his school’s first Astronomy club. He has served as a Board Director of the Space Frontier Foundation and has also been a Board member of NSS from 2003 to 2010. He would have loved to have been an astronaut but was born in the wrong country.

Mr. Godwin studied Physics, Math and Economics to Advanced level in England. After that, he went on to study for an Engineering degree but converted to Business Management and Administration after one year. He opened a small chain of fast food restaurants in the north of England in 1979, sold the business and bought a country hotel, again in Northern England. After profitable sale, he started Restaurant Design and Supply Company in London, which grew to become an international trading company. Mr. Godwin became Mitsubishi Marine Products division’s sole agent for North America, shipping commodities around the world on behalf of same.

Mr. Godwin decided that trading of Compact Discs was very lucrative, so he set up a trading company in the US to do so in 1990. By 1995, this was the largest importer of CDs in the United States with a turnover in excess of $30M. He also founded the Griffin Record label and CG Publishing at the same time. Now he is the owner (with his brother) of CG Publishing of Toronto now known as THE space book company one of its imprints being Apogee Books.

Living in the Chicago area, Mr. Godwin is married with two children.