Policy Committee Volunteer Form

The Policy Committee is responsible for determining the general positions of the Society on legislative issues and the strategy and program through which the Society shall promote these positions, as well as overseeing the implementation of those policies via the Political Action Network (PAN).

  • Actually being a voting member of the Policy Committee: Periodically seats open up, so if you are interested please step forward with the understanding that no seat may be currently open. We try to maintain a mix of backgrounds, including military, ex-NASA, science, political, and citizen pro-space activist. The central requirement is a public record supporting space development and settlement.
  • Drafting NSS position papers: It is not a requirement that you be on the Committee to draft a paper, only that the Committee approve the paper. Drafting a paper that is published is often a step toward being a voting member of the Committee. If you have an idea for a position paper you would like to see NSS issue, please step forward!
  • Drafting NSS policy press releases: We do about one per month, so extra help is welcome. Again, there is no need to be a voting member of the Committee to draft a press release.
  • Supporting NSS legislative strategy via organizing and participating in March Storm and the August Home District Blitz. Again, there is no need to be a voting member of the Policy Committee to have a leadership position in these activities. If you are interested in space policy and/or having an impact in DC, these activities are for you. In fact, you don’t even have to be a member of NSS to participate in March Storm or the August Home District Blitz – just be someone who is committed to the development and settlement of space and who is willing to be part of the team supporting the annual Alliance for Space Development objectives.
  • Joining the NSS Political Action Network – see this link.

To offer your services as a volunteer on the Policy Committee, please fill out and submit the contact form below.