Our Goals

Defending Earth Clean Energy from Space Developing Space Communities in Space

Defending Earth Defending Earth

The Earth is silently but continuously threatened by near-Earth objects—asteroids—some of which we will not spot until it is too late.The National Space Society works tirelessly to urge Congress to address these potential Earth-wrecking objects, but much remains to be done.

Clean Energy from Space Clean Energy from Space

The huge amounts of carbon dioxide released into our atmosphere by burning these fuels has reached a tipping point, and examples of climate change make headlines every week. Raging wildfires, devastating winter storms, and dying reefs are just a few examples. Imagine a world in the not-distant future where millions of animal species have gone extinct, the oceans are dying, agriculture is failing, and humanity clings by a thread. None of us want that, but we are facing this potentially existential threat. We know what needs to be done, and we need your help.

Developing Space Developing Space

Making the vast resources of space available to all.

Communities in Space Communities in Space

There are many reasons to move into space: growth, wealth, energy, survival, spiritual development, knowledge, diversity, to solve serious Earthly problems, to fulfill a sense of destiny and responsibility, and even to have fun. All of these boil down to a simple fact: A future with space settlement is vastly better than one without it.