O’Neill Colony: Lagrange Point 5 Space Art

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O’Neill Colony: Lagrange Point 5

by Richard Bartrop
Category: Orbital Settlements

Description: A large habitat at the L5 libration point viewed from the shadowed side.  A pair of O’Neill style cylinders, each 30km long, flank two torus shaped habitats that grow the food for the colony.  Radiators glow red as they shed excess heat from zero-gravity factories on the spar, and antenna farms relay communications with Earth, as well as the rest of inhabited space. Solar foundries on the sunward spar render down asteroids into usable materials that are ferried to the factories on the shadowed side.

Medium/Tools Used: Modeled and rendered with Lightwave 8.5 on a PC running Windows 2000.  Photoshop CS2 was used to make the various texture maps.