NSS Space Settlement Journal – Call for Papers

NSS Space Settlement Journal

The National Space Society is providing an online, high-quality, peer-reviewed journal, the NSS Space Settlement Journal. The Journal builds upon the extensive work NSS has done to create the planet’s largest online library of space settlement information. Journal-quality papers are solicited on all aspects of space settlement. Topics may include, but are not limited to, space settlement design, technology development, infrastructure, closed and semi-closed life support systems, extra-terrestrial mining, transportation, economics, social and legal aspects, historical analogues and activities leading to space settlement. High-quality review papers are also welcome. For the journal’s purpose, space settlement refers to permanently inhabited communities anywhere in space, including on or in any moon, planet, asteroid or comet or in orbit. Papers related to most of the topics covered in the Space Studies Institute conference series are welcome. Submissions should be accompanied by answers to the following questions:

  • What is the principal contribution?
  • What is the closest related work?
  • How is the paper related to space settlement?

All submissions will be peer reviewed. All papers will be freely available to the public on the NSS website. Authors will retain copyright and may republish, for example, on personal and institution web pages. Papers published in journals or under consideration will not be accepted. However, works previously published in conferences or personal web pages may be submitted if substantial improvements have been made since previous publication. The target audience includes graduate students, professors, and aerospace professionals. Authors may assume readers have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject area. As the journal accepts papers from a wide variety of disciplines, an appendix briefly describing the relevant background may be included. By submitting a manuscript the author(s) assert(s) that they own the relevant rights and grant the National Space Society unlimited, non-exclusive publishing rights. To submit a paper send an email to Bryce.meyer@nss.org including the paper and the answers to the three questions above. Editors

  • Bryce Meyer, National Space Society, Editor in Chief
  • Al Globus, National Space Society, Editor
  • Gary Barnhard, National Space Society
  • Fred Becker, National Space Society
  • Stephen D. Covey, Applied Innovation, Inc.
  • Anita Gale, International Space Settlement Design Competition
  • Peter Garretson, National Space Society
  • John Lewis, University of Arizona
  • Scott Pace, George Washington University
  • Joseph Palaia, 4Frontiers Corporation