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NSS Policy Leadership Team NSS Policy Leadership Team

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Policy Leadership Team

The NSS policy leadership team includes members who have specific responsibilities involving NSS policy development and advocacy. They devote considerable unpaid time to furthering the Society’s goals by developing and advancing policy objectives. These leaders include the Policy Committee, the Policy Committee Chair, and Policy Leads. Select students may be offered Policy Internship positions.

The Policy Chair leads the Policy Committee in developing the positions of the Society, and the strategies to pursue them, that are related to Congress, government, and legislative action. The Policy Chair is the chief representative and advocate on policy matters and reports to the NSS Executive Vice President.

Policy leads are members of the policy committee and lead the development of policy and advocacy for a specific portfolio or area.

Jonathan Dagle – Policy Committee Chair and Planetary Defense Policy Lead

Jonathan is a technologist, strategist, and futurist with extensive experience in government and working with nonprofits. A retired Air Force officer with diverse experiences managing a bombing range in Germany, planning air combat operations in Korea and Italy, instructing aircrew on airborne command posts, and as a strategist at Air Force “Checkmate” following the attacks of Sept 11, 2001. He has consulted on several Army War College studies. He has been an active space policy advocate since 2020, and has led NSS Planetary Defense efforts since May 2022.

Policy Leads

Adam Brodkin – Orbital Debris

Adam is a space lawyer specializing in satellite regulation, licensing, and rulemaking activities. He has a JD from the George Mason University Law School and a BA in Economics from Lehigh University. He is also an orbital debris policy subject matter expert with a passion for future in-space activities. He has presented his orbital debris management research regarding on-orbit recycling to the International Space University and to the French Space Agency, CNES. Adam had been the NSS Orbital Debris Policy Lead since December 2021.

Randy Gigante – Space Solar Power

Randy has been active in NSS policy for more than five years, serving as both Deputy Chair and Policy Chair. He has been advocating for Space Solar Power for over 35 years, developing a business plan for the first Solar Power System in the 1980’s. Since then, he has managed the construction of the first large-scale solar arrays for communications satellites for Hughes Aircraft and developed and installed ground systems for LEO and GEO satellite systems in Japan, Africa, and the Middle East. He served two years on the Board of NSS as Regional Director for the Mid-Atlantic region. Randy is the former Policy Chair and became the Space Solar Power policy lead in September 2022.

Grant Henriksen – Oversight and Regulation

Grant is an engineer and graduate student. He is currently pursuing an MS degree in Space Studies at the University of North Dakota, with a focus on space policy, law, economics, and planetary science. His interests include remote sensing, international law, space commerce, the history of spaceflight, and the utilization of extraterrestrial resources. He spent 22 years in the commercial software industry after earning his BS in Computer Science with a minor in Economics from North Dakota State University.

Quentin Turner - Advocacy Manager

Quentin is an advocacy professional who is captivated by space. He is a manager on the advocacy team at the National Association of Broadcasters, with a particular emphasis on telecommunications and other technology issues. He has also worked in other advocacy roles, the federal government, and has interned in several congressional offices. His first three jobs were at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC. Quentin holds a master’s degree in legislative affairs from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in political science and history from New York University.

Policy Interns

NSS offers internship opportunities to qualified individuals pursuing education or work related to space policy.