NSS 2005 legislative conference

Making a Difference with Congress: 2005 August Legislative Visits

NSS members in the US are encouraged to visit their congressional representatives during the August recess, as part of a Space Exploration Alliance effort, to tell your members of Congress that you support the Vision for Space Exploration. The following documents are available to help with the visits:

NSS is mobilizing our members to speak to members of Congress during the August recess. During this time frame, members of Congress will be back in their home districts, where they may be available to meet with constituents. We need to use this opportunity to tell them that we support the Vision for Space Exploration.  However, this is a short window.  You need to contact their offices soon.


As a constituent, you have an advantage that no professional lobbyist has.  Members of Congress take constituent views very seriously.  It is now time to take advantage of that advantage — arrange a meeting with your Representative and Senators ASAP.

We urge you to use the instructions linked above and help strengthen Congressional support for the return to the Moon and a human mission to Mars.  This opportunity may not present itself again in our lifetimes.