National Space Society Governor Martine Rothblatt Biography

Martine Rothbaltt

Martine Rothblatt

National Space Society Board of Governors

Dr. Martine Rothblatt received a B.A. degree from the University of California in 1977, her M.B.A and Juris Doctor from UCLA Schools of Management and Law in 1981, and her Ph.D. in Medical Ethics from the Royal College of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary College, University of London in 2001. She has extensive experience in information technology development and pharmaceuticals. During 1982-1995 she held at various times positions as President of Orbital Projects, Inc., President & CEO of Geostar Corporation, Chief Operating Officer of WorldSpace Corporation, and Chairman & CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio. Since 1996 she has been the Chairman & CEO of United Therapeutics Corporation of Silver Spring, MD, where she initiates and manages programs in cardiopulmonary medicine, virology and neuroscience. She is the author of Your Life or Mine:  How Geoethics Resolves the Conflicts Between Public and Private Interests in Xenotransplantation and several other books.