National Space Society Governor Lance Bass Biography

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Lance Bass

National Space Society Board of Governors

Lance Bass rose to fame as the bass singer in the phenomenally successfull pop group *NSYNCH, but he is also established as an actor, producer, writer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He both starred in and executive produced the 2001 romantic comedy film On the Line and was executive producer for the 2005 romantic comedy Lovewrecked, starring Amanda Bynes. In 2008, his own production company Lance Bass Productions released the comedy film The Grand. He has also guest starred on numerous television shows.

In 2002, Lance underwent training in Star City, Russia, and became a certified cosmonaut. He was certified both by the Russian Space Program and by NASA for a mission on the Soyuz TMA-1 spacecraft to the International Space Station. When financial backing for the mission fell through, however, he was unable to fly. He retains fluency in Russian, which he learned during his training.

Lance is the National Youth Spokesperson for World Space Week and has spent considerable time speaking with students about space exploration and why science and math are critical keys to their future. His philanthropic activities include the creation of the Lance Bass Foundation, formed to meet the health and educational needs of children.

In 2007 Lance released his autobiography, Out of Synch, which debuted on the New York Times best seller list. Lance’s hobbies include sky diving, hiking, and taking his dogs to the park. For more information about Lance, see his official website.