National Space Society Governor Janet Ivey Biography

janet ivey biography portrait

Janet Ivey

National Space Society Board of Governors

Janet Ivey, creator of the TV children’s series Janet’s Planet that airs on 140+ public television stations nationwide, is committed to enriching the lives of children via education and TV and online programming. This dynamic and fast-paced series is geared to 6 – 11 year olds and focuses on science, space, history and health. Viewers get to travel at the speed of thought and the short-form series can be seen both on public television stations and on YouTube, BatteryPop, Club Jelly Telly, Viddiverse, and HighBrow. With over 22 years in the media, Ivey has captivated Nashville and beyond with her work and she has received 12 Regional Emmys, 5 Gracie Allen awards, is a Buzz Aldrin ShareScience Ambassador, and has won a STEMFLORIDA award for Janet’s Planet.

Janet presents two live shows, “Tour of the Solar System” and “Exploring Microgravity.” These shows are 21st century theatre that encourage scientific literacy via the use of humor, theatrical antics, visual illusions, enticing graphic elements, and experiential opportunities to join Janet on stage so that students are fully engaged in the experience

In early 2015, Janet’s Planet was asked by Chief Principal Investigator Alan Stern of the NASA’s New Horizons mission to do educational outreach for the endeavor.  Janet’s Planet created the #DearPluto project which garnered international attention and amazing letters from around the world.

The mission for Janet and Janet’s Planet is to encourage young people to stand in their magnificence and to inspire future generations to use their innate intelligence and creativity to create a better future via science and space exploration.

Janet Ivey is a tireless advocate for children and has mentored countless young people all over the world. Janet’s mission has and always will be to enrich the lives of children via art and science, multi-media education and intelligent, informative AWE (Art, Wonder, and Experiential) infused programming that focuses on space exploration. She joined the NSS Board of Governors in 2015.