Martin Trumbore Biography

Marty Trumbore is a former Assistant Treasurer for the National Space Society (NSS). Mr. Trumbore has been a member of NSS for a number of years, participating in space awareness activities such as the annual Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Trumbore received a B.S. in business finance at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. In 1998, he joined JP Morgan as a business analyst in their Internal Consulting Services program. Over his six and half years with the firm, he has held a variety of roles in areas such as investment banking advisory, consumer payments strategy and wireless banking solutions. He worked on the corporate merger team overseeing the merger of JPMorgan Chase and Bank One.

Mr. Trumbore recently relocated to Chicago after spending seven years in New York City. With all the change that is happening today in the space industry, Mr. Trumbore is eager to contribute to the NSS mission: “to promote social, economic, technological, and political change, to advance the day when humans will live and work in space.”