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Space Art Contest Martian Pioneers

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Martian Pioneers

by Walter Myers
Category: Martian Settlements

Description: These pioneering explorers begin the task of establishing the first human settlement on Mars. Like the pioneers of yore, these brave men and women bring as much of their home with them as they can carry, while searching their new world for the raw materials required to sustain a permanent base. Beyond their base, hardy suits provide the breathable air, pressure, and warmth Mars lacks.

Medium/Tools Used: The primary rendering application was DAZ Bryce 6, and Bryce was also used to create some of the models as well, including the landing ship. Poser 6 was employed to create the astronauts and some props, and 3DS Max 8 helped with some of the details of the props. PhotoShop CS2 and Paint Shop Pro 7 were used to create textures and for post-rendering tweaks.