Larry Ahearn Biography

Larry Ahearn

Laurence Ahearn

Vice President of Chapters
National Space Society Board of Directors

Larry Ahearn has been a space activist for over 30 years and a member of NSS for more than 25 years. He has served as an NSS officer or Director since 1988. His positions have included NSS Vice President and Chapters Coordinator.

Mr. Ahearn has served on many NSS committees and is currently a member of the Awards, Bylaws, Chapters, and Membership Committees. He also serves as the Region Six Chapters Organizer. His other achievements include:

  • Testified before Congress, the National Commission on Space, and various government agencies.
  • Program, logistics, and operations organizer and/or participant at  20 of last 22 International Space Development Conferences, and president of the highly successful 1989 ISDC.
  • Co-Coordinator of NSS Events at the 1996 Democratic National Convention with major Media Coverage.
  • Co-founder of NSS Chapters Assembly.
  • Co-authored NSS Affiliate program.
  • Co-created and wrote for INSIDE NSS newsletter, published in Ad Astra and many other publications.
  • Developed NSS Placards seen on podia at many NSS events.
  • Addressed numerous public and education groups.

Locally, Mr. Ahearn is a charter member and Treasurer of the Chicago Space Frontier L5 chapter. He has personally recruited more than 500 new NSS members and assisted in the chartering of 65 NSS chapters.