Ken Murphy Biography

Ken Murphy, a former member of the Board of Directors of the National Space Society, is not your usual space advocate.  Space was not his thing, until by chance, in 1999, he wrote the background paper on the UN Outer Space Treaties for high schoolers participating in the NYCitywide Model UN that year.  When it came time for vacation, he ended up as a delegate to the Space Generation Forum at UNISPACE III.  He went to Adult Space Camp, and ended up with the Right Stuff Medal.  He pursued a Master of Space Studies at International Space University, and graduated cum laude.  When the only job he could find in the space field was Program Support at the Goddard NASA Academy, he ended up starting a new tradition.  After going back into the banking field, space advocacy was relegated to part-time.  Still, he managed to co-chair the 2007 International Space Development Conference in Dallas and run the website which hosted his online Lunar Library of Moon-related reference materials.  Ken brought fifteen years of not-for-profit experience in officer and director roles to his position as NSS Director, including service as President of NSS of North Texas.