Jay Wittner Biography

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Jay Wittner

Jay Wittner is a former member of the NSS Board of Directors. He currently serves as President of both Integrated Space Analytics and Kickstarter Coaching. He is also a founding partner of the Space Finance Group. He has been a member of the National Space Society and other space advocacy groups since 1986. He has served three previous terms on the NSS Board of Directors during which he was Vice President of Membership and a member of the Executive Committee. His financial support of NSS was recognized by a permanent appointment to the Buzz Aldrin Council. He has participated in over a dozen of the Society’s ISDC annual conferences.

Integrated Space Analytics has updated the Integrated Space Plan (ISP) and made a free online version available for everyone. The ISP is a 100-year projection of our future activities in space in flowchart format. The ISP consists of about 500 infrastructure elements needed to create our vision of humanity’s future space activities. Kickstarter Coaching offers consulting services to assist people and businesses that are not space oriented in raising funds via crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter. The Space Finance Group helps space oriented entities raise funds through crowdfunding and also provides assistance with creating or polishing business plans.

Since graduating from Emory University Business School with a degree in Finance, Mr. Wittner has worked in and consulted on numerous industries including: real estate, insurance, banking, retail, investments, and the non-profit sphere. While a Financial Consultant with A.G. Edwards, he secured the Series 7, Series 66, and Accredited Asset Management Specialist designations. Mr. Wittner is an avid reader of science fiction and credits his early interest in space development to the Apollo Program, Robert Heinlein, Gerard O’Neill, Gene Roddenberry, and Harvey Wittner.