International Space Development Conference 1995

The National Space Society’s 14th annual International Space Development Conference was held in Cleveland, Ohia. Conference sessions included:

Advanced Propulsion

  • Jim Wood: Introduction
  • Bryan Palaszewski

Manufacture and Utilization of Mars In-Situ Propellants

  • Diane Linne

Proton Superluminosity

  • Mark Solis

Nuclear Propulsion

  • Tom Hanson: Introduction
  • Stan Borowski

Robotic Telescopes on the Moon

  • Peter Chen

Russian Launch Costs

  • Charles Radley

Forum on Private Launches

  • Jim Wood: Introduction
  • Alex Howerton
  • Ben Muniz
  • David Webb
  • Robert Zubrin

Commercial Space Transportation

  • Dana Andrews

X-34 (and Pegasus)

  • Antonio Elias

Space Debris – View from the United Nations

  • Edward Finch

Financing the Development of the Space Business Park

  • Chuck Laur

Space Investment

  • Alex Howerton

In-Situ Martian Propellant Manufacturing

  • Robert Zubrin

When Worlds Collide: Virtual Reality Impacts the Physical World

  • Arlan Andrews

Spacecub: A Personal Suborbital Rocket

  • Geoffrey Landis and David Burkhead

Clementine’s Visit to the Moon

  • Bill Higgins

Awards Banquet

  • NASA Fine Arts Special Award
  • Peter Diamandis – “X” Prize
  • Wernher von Braun Memorial Awards – Maxwell W. Hunter

Vertical vs. Horizontal Take Off

  • Gordon Woodcock

NSS Past, Present and Future

  • Glen Wilson

High Frontier Fund Investment

  • Bruce Mackenzie

NSS Russian Tour Slide-show

  • Frank Spurlock

Plasma Thunder: Mars in a Week

  • Mark Solis