International Space Development Conference 1987

The L5 6th annual Space Development Conference was held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 27-29,1987. The following is an extract of the official show program.

The Pittsburgh Hilton, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Miami Valley Space Society Meeting (12pm – 4: 00pm)
Business Meetings (4: 00pm – 7:00pm)
Business Meetings (9: 00pm – 12:00am)
Space Colony Exhibit Planning Committee (9: 00pm – 11:00pm)
Increasing Participation of Women and Families (9: 00pm – 11:00pm)


Business Meetings (9: 00am – 5:00pm)
Annual Events Discussion Meeting (10:00am – 10:30 am)
Chapter Starting and NSS Orientation (10:30am – 11:00 am)
Radio Communications for the Space Movement (10:30am – 11:00 am)
Chapter Meetings (11:00 am-12:00pm)
Dynamic Recruiting (11:00am – 11:30 am)
Revitalizing A Chapter (11:30 am-12:00pm)
Regional Gatherings (5:30pm – 6:61pm)
Business Meetings (9: 00pm – 12:00am)
Organizing At a Science Fiction Conference (9: 00pm – 12:00am)
1988 and 89 Conference Meeting (9: 00pm – 11:00pm)


Business Meetings (12:00pm – 4:00pm)
L5 Fund Raiser Training (8:30pm – 9:30pm)


Art Show (Fri 12pm – Sun 3pm)
Film Arts (Fri 11am – Sun 12pm)
Exhibits (Fri 12pm – Sun 3pm)
Conference Office (Fri 7am – Sun 3pm)
Artist Meeting Room (Fri 8am – Sun 7pm)
Press room (Thu 12pm – Sun 6pm)

The American Space Foundation
Co-Sponsor, 6th Annual Space Development Conference

We are proud to announce the election of four leading space advocates to the ASF Board of Directors: Sandra Adamson, James Muncy; Gary Oleson; David Webb

  • The American Space Foundation is still the only national pro-space citizens’ lobby in the United States.
  • ASF’s new leaders are committed to effectively expressing your pro-space views to the U.S. Congress and other key policy-makers in Washington. D.C.
  • Please join with thousands of other Americans who regularly make their voice heard. Send your contribution of at least $15 to:

American Space Foundation
Suite 200
111 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
By Joining The Space Studies Institute (SSI) Today
Space Studies Institute is a non-profit privately funded research organization dedicated to developing the resources of space tor all humanity.

The primary goal of the Institute is to conduct and support the leading-edge research essential to opening the resources of space for human benefit within this century.

A major project is the Mass-Driver, a new type of electric motor capable of accelerating materials to high speeds.

Research continues also in the field of chemical processing, separating elements from simulated lunar soil for eventual construction of solar power satellites.

Join us. Support the research that is opening the High Frontier of space for the benefit of all citizens of Planet Earth. Clip the coupon below and send it with your check or money order in U.S. funds today:

Space Studies Institute
PO Box 82
Princeton NJ 08540
(609) 921-0377

Pittsburgh L5

Pittsburgh L5 was founded in 1982 with the intent of educating and involving the population of the tri-state area in the potentials of the space frontier. In 1983 we held the first Pittsburgh Space Week celebration. In 1984 at the Pittsburgh Hilton, we hosted “NE84”, the first major L5 Society regional conference. Now. in 1987, we are your hosts for the 6th Space Development Conference.

We supply information to local media, speakers to community and school groups, have monthly public lectures on space topics and support two public computer bulletin boards (MYCROFTXX at 271-2764. PGH L5 BBS at 464-1397). Many of our members also take part in a national telephone tree that alerts them on key issues requiring letters, calls or visits to congress.

If you live in Pittsburgh and want to do more than talk about space…join us. (For information, call 351-4973)

Friday Sessions

Educator and Student Track Opening (9:00am – 10:00am Ballroom 1)
Can the fascination of a new frontier ignite interest in learning? How can the tools of the space age apply to the classroom? Opening remarks and a short computer conference will point the direction for the days’ activities. Remarks by Patricia Palazzolo and Walt Tremer, Pennsylvania Teacher in Space finalists; Dick Methia. national Teacher in Space finalist. Teacher In Space Education Foundation staff member: Charles Walker, McDonnell Douglas astronaut; Amy Grubb, local student. one of ten Young Astronauts to visit Soviet space facilities last year; and David Razorsek, local Young Astronaut, attended the Space Community Youth Congress at the University of Southern California under the sponsorship of Mr. Willard F. Rockwell Jr. Computer conference, courtesy of Compuserve, includes national Teacher in Washington. DC and Georgia Franklin from the Aviation Education Association Space finalists from the National Science Teachers Association Conference in Conference in Orlando, Florida. NOTE: Participants will divide into 3 groups after this session. (Mgr Patricia Palazzolo)

Educators Morning Session (10:15am – 11:15am Ballroom 3)
“Space Education as Daily Instruction: The Cutting Edge of Technology” by Tom Becker, Founder  — Center for Aerospace Education. (Mgr Patricia Palazzolo)

Educators Luncheon (11:30am – 1:00pm Ballroom 1)
Lunch with Dick Methia, national Teacher In Space finalist, Teacher in Space Education Foundation staff member. (Mgr Patricia Palazzolo)

Educators Afternoon Session (1:15pm – 3:30pm Ballroom 3)
“Talk With an Astronaut” with Charles Walker (1: 15-2: 15pm) and a “Panel Discussion on Educational Resources” (2: 30-3: 30pm) including Elisa Sisti Wynn, L5/NSS Vice President and Chapters Coordinator: Mike Makowski. McDonnell Douglas Aerospace Corporation; Dick Methia. national Teacher in Space finalist; Walter Tremer, Pennsylvania Teacher in Space Finalist; Paul Ohles. Director, Buhl Science Center. (Mgr Patricia Palazzolo)

Student Program Grade K-4 (10:15am – 3:30pm Ballroom 2)
“The History of Space Flight”. Walter Tremer and “Talk with an Astronaut”. Charles Walker (10: 15-11;15am) fill the morning session. During the Brown Bag Lunch there will be “Demonstrations in Space Science” (11:30am-1pm). led by Jeff Sweeney, Buhl Science Center: afternoon sessions are “A Students’ View of the Soviet Space Program” (1: 15-2: 15pm) with Amy Grubb and David Razorsek; and “Workshop – Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Space!” (2: 30-3: 30pm) with Patricia Palazzolo. It is understood that students having arranged transportation may need to depart during this last session. (Mgr Patricia Palazzolo)

Student Program Grade 5-12 (10:15am – 3:30pm Ballroom 4)
“Talk with an Astronaut”, Charles Walker and “The History of Space Flight”, Walter Tremer (10: 15-11;15am) fill the morning session. During the Brown Bag Lunch there will be “Demonstrations in Space Science” (11:30am-1pm), led by Paul Ohles, Director. Buhl Science Center: afternoon sessions are “Space Technology and the Next Generation” (1: 15-2: 15pm) with Tom Becker; and Students’ View of the Soviet SpaceProgram” (2: 30-3:30pm) with Amy Grubb and David Razorsek. (Mgr Patricia Palazzolo)

Basic Spaceflight Seminar (9:00am – 5:00pm Rivers D&E)
Get a practical. working knowledge of basic spaceflight principles including the laws of motion for spacecraft. the orbital elements, relationship between launch site and orbital track. how to change the size and shape of an orbit and techniques for rendezvous. Greg Maryniak, Executive Vice President. SSI: Captain Ed Daley, United Airlines pilot. Separate registration required for this event. (Mgr Greg Maryniak)

Artist’s Workshops (9:00am – 5:00pm Stanwix)
A series of four workshops for professional artists. Performing Arts (9-10; 45am) led by Don Slepian, computer musician; Painting and the Visual Arts (11-11:45am) with Kia Poor. former President International Association Aerospace Artists; Writing (1-2:30pm) with Leonard David, NSS VP. NCOS staff member: Photography (2:30-4pm) with Chuck Divine, Sr. Photographer, Space Frontier magazine. L5/NSS Spaceweek Coordinator. (Mgr Chuck Divine)

The Making of Space Policy (9:00am – 5:00pm Le Bateau)
What are the critical US policy issues for 1987? Who are the players and where do they stand on the issues? This tutorial offers both historical background and coverage of today’s events. Session participants include Dr. David C. Webb, Director. Space Studies Program. University of North Dakota. and Member. National Commission on Space; Dr. John Logsdon, Director, Graduate Program in Science, Technology and Public Policy. George Washington University; Steve Wolfe, Assistant to Congressman George Brown. D-CA; Bill Ganoe, Conference Commerce Track Mgr; Henry Vanderbilt, L5/NSS Staff; Gary Oleson. Sr VP 15. Exec. VP NSS, Chairman 4th SDC: Leonard David. NSS VP, NCOS staff member. (Mgr David Webb)

Funding and Governing Space Settlements: A Free Market Alternative (9:00am – 5:00pm Brigade G)
Can the high frontier be opened by private interests? Can we as individuals band together and create our own new worlds? These and other questions are asked in a series of discussions and panels. “Issues in Funding and Governing Space Colonies” (9-10am) is led by Paul McAvinney. Chairman, Sensor Frame Inc and CMU researcher; “Economic and Political Constraints In Space Colonization” (10-11am) with Jack Kirwan. University of Arizona. Ass’t Editor of The Energy Journal. freelance feature writer; “The Role of Nanotechnology in Large Scale Space Colonization” (llam-12pm) with K. Eric Drexler, Stanford University: “Scenarios for Independent Space Colonies” (1-2:30pm) a panel with Jack Kirwan; K. Eric Drexler: Fred Stitt, architect. instructor at College of Environmental Design of University of California at Berkeley; and Paul McAvinney; and “Contracts and Property Rights In Space Based Civilizations” (2:30-5pm) a panel with Jack Kirwan: K. Eric Drexler; Mark Miller, Xerox Parc; and Paul McAvinney. (Mgr Paul McAvinney)

Space Defense Systems (2:00pm – 5:00pm Ballroom 1)
An examination of technical aspects of space based defense systems. Participants include Lt. General Daniel O. Graham (USA-ret) and Art Bozlee, expert on Soviet space doctrine. (Mgr Walter Byrnes)

Opening Reception (6:30pm – 7:30pm Ballroom 3 and 4)
Wine and hors d’oeuvres are available for holders of reception tickets. (Mgr Wendy Smith)

Opening Ceremony (7:30pm – 8:30pm Ballroom 2)
What is the role of the entrepreneur in creating an open space frontier? Could one route to an open future be the building of orbiting solar power stations? Willard F. Rockwell. Jr. Chairman of the Board. Astrotech International; Dr. Peter Glaser. Vice President. Arthur D. Little, Powersat inventor. (Mgr Jill Steele)

Performance Showcase (9:00pm – 11:00pm Ballroom 1)
It is difficult to imagine a civilization without art to express its inner yearnings and values. For the first time at a national conference. we present a showcase of performance on space themes, hosted by singer/songwriter Julia Eck lar and electronic composer Don Slepian. Also featured are Sharon Took, a dancer/choreographer from Rutgers University; Chris Koenigsberg. a creator of new music from Carnegie-Mellon University; and Jenny Lindsey. a Pittsburgh choreographer. Lighting by Shirley Varughese. (Mgr Chuck Divine)

Allegheny Observatory Tour (9:00pm – 12:00am)
The past and the future coexist at Allegheny Observatory. Given good weather, you will actually be allowed to look through an historic telescope dating to the time of Abraham Lincoln. The tour includes the MAP instrument invented there for vastly speeding the search for extrasolar planets by astrometric means. (Mgr Mary Ann Kidd)

Filksing (11:00pm – ?? Chartiers A)
This room and an open mike is reserved for any ‘filkers’ who wish to congregate. Filk is a form of folk music with futuristic themes that has developed in Science Fiction conference circles. (Mgr Chuck Divine)

Saturday Sessions

L5 Breakfast Board Meeting (7:00am – 9:00am Kings Garden South & Le Bateau)
An open meeting of the L5 Board of Directors and a light breakfast. (Mgr Gary Oleson)

The Vision  — Keynote Address by Dr. Gerard K. O’Neill (9:00am – 10:00am Ballroom 2)
President, Space Studies Institute; Professor Emeritus of Physics, Princeton University: Member. National Commission on Space; Founder. Geostar Corporation; Chief Executive Officer. O’Neill Communications, Inc; Author, The High Frontier (1977), 2081 (1982). Technology Edge (1983); Originator. architect and foremost proponent of the modern concept of space colonization. (Rick Tumlinson)

Return to the Moon! — Lunar Ores for Solar Power (10:00am – 12:00pm Ballroom 2)
Our goal cannot be a space station, or even a “scientific” outpost on the Moon; the goal must be to make moving Ourselves into space a self-supporting enterprise. What can we produce that will be valuable enough to pay our way on the Space Frontier? How about mining and refining Lunar soil into rocket fuel, and into Construction materials, and then building immense Powersats… What do we already know how to do, and what do we need to learn? Speakers: Gregg Maryniak. Executive Vice President. Space Studies Institute; William Agosto, President. Lunar Industries, Inc. (Mgr Rick Tumlinson)

National Commission on Space: Out to Lunch – Feast or Famine? (12:00pm – 1:30pm Ballroom 2)
The findings of the NCOS are reviewed in the context of NASA’s current plans. Did the NCOS miss the future by 50 years? The luncheon panel is moderated by Leonard David. NSS VP, NCOS staff member; main speaker is Alan Ladwig, member NASA group writing the “Space: 1995” report on NASA’s goals for the next 10 years; panel discussion includes Dr. David Webb. Director, Space Studies Program. University of North Dakota. and Member, National Commission on Space; Dr. John Logsdon, Director, Graduate Program in Science. Technology and Public POI icy, George Washington University; Dr. Glen Wilson. NSS Executive Director; and Dr. Tom Rogers. Chairman of the Board, External Tank Corp. and former Director. Space Station Study, Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress. (Mgr Leonard David)

Pioneering: From Orbital Shack to Space Colonies (1:30pm – 3:30pm Ballroom 2)
We will need places for great numbers of us to live and work in Space; we want big. cheap structures quickly! Can private enterprise lower the cost of space habitats? Could the Shuttle external tank become the basic building block for large-scale space construction? How do modular space “stations” evolve into the huge, monolithic space colonies that we hope to settle in? Speakers: Tom Rogers, Chairman of the Board. External Tank Corp. and former Director, Space Station Study, Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress; Alex Gimarc, Shuttle External Tank Applications Specialist. Space Studies Institute. (Mgr Alex Gimarc)

Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Tour (3:00pm – 6:00pm)
A taste of what the future will bring. The Computer Music Lab, the Warp VLSI Lab and the Mobile Robots Lab have graciously opened their doors to us. Tour includes demonstrations of autonomous land vehicles, computer sensing of gestures. the latest in sound synthesis and a demonstration of a systolic array processor in navigation. Portions of the tour are given by Kevin Dowling, Nike Blackwell, Roger Dannenberg, Paul McAvinney, Dean Rubine, Ed Clune. Catherine Copetas and others. (Mgr Mary Ann Kidd)

Commerce: General Survey (3:30pm – 5:30pm Kings Garden South)
Doug Ward. former Astrotech President. on “Launch Vehicles in General,” George Koopman of American Rocket Company on “Industrial Launch Vehicle One,” Len Cormier of Third Millennium on “Space Van, Don Miller of WESPACE on “Industrial Space Facility, ” Dr. David Webb of Univ. of North Dakota on “General Commercialization Issues. ” followed by panel discussion. (Mgr Bill Ganoe)

Nanotech: A Possible Road (3:30pm – 5:30pm Duquesne)
Based on molecular assemblers able to structure matter to complex atomic-level specifications, nanotechnology could become important to artificial intelligence, robotics, and space development. K. Eric Drexler, Stanford univ., Hans Moravec, CMU Robotics Institute; Marvin Minsky, MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab. , James Bennet. American Rocket Co. (Mgr K. Eric Drexler)

The Arts: A New Frontier (3:30pm – 5:30pm Brigade G)
Humanity’s move into space will expand horizons for artistic creativity. Will art and science, working together, create new civilizations? Ben Bova. author, Pres. of NSS; Don Slepian, computer musician: Kim Poor, painter , Jeffrey Fiske, drama researcher; Barbara Albert. painter/author: Chuck Divine, photographer. (Mgr Chuck Divine)

Politics: A Debate (3:30pm – 5:30pm Chartiers A)
Why go to Mars… or anywhere else? What purposes motivate our space program as it is today? Are they sufficient to achieving communities in space in our lifetimes? If not, what specific and succinct purpose would suffice? Several leading space activists will debate this timely issue, including James Muncy, L5/NSS Board of Directors, political consultant; Steve Wolfe. assistant to congressman George Brown, D-CA; Tim Kyger, Chairman 3rd SDC, environmentalist. (Mgr James Muncy)

On Guard: Colony Defense (3:30pm – 5:30pm Ballroom 2)
How do we protect communities in space? What will their military geography be? Can acceptable doctrine for defensive and security forces be developed? How will a military presence be established? Consideration of natural and human threats to space civilization, and the appropriate preparations. Led by Art Bozlee, author and defense analyst; Patrick Kelly, cofounder Baltimore L5, defense analyst. (Mgr Art Bozlee)

Medicine: At Zero G (3:30pm – 5:30pm Rivers D&E)
A medical perspective on space settlements. With low or zero gravity facilities. many major diseases (heart, lung, etc.) might be treated more effectively. And. could major health benefits result from our migration into space? Dr. Erik T. Paterson. Honorary Ass’t Prof. of Family Medicine. Univ. of British Columbia; Fellow. British Interplanetary Society. (Mgr Erik Paterson)

Reception (5:30pm Sat 6:30pm Ballroom 3 and 4)
The banquet reception is a cash bar and is open to all conference participants. (Mgr Wendy Smith)

Banquet (6:30pm – 9:00pm Ballroom 1)
Ben Bova, author and NSS President hosts the banquet ceremonies, toasts and introductions. Arnold Thompson, Supervisor of Structures ‘Design at Morton Thiokol will speak on “How to Pick up the Pieces and Move On” and will receive an award for ethics. Featured speaker Dr. Robert L. Forward, Physicist, Author, Consultant on Advanced Space Propulsion Systems and Power Sources for the U.S Air Force and others; Charter Life Member of the National Space Institute (now the NSS) will tell us that “We CAN Go To The Stars! ” (Mgr Jill Steele)

Global Village Computer Conference (9:00pm – 10:00pm Ballroom 2)
People around the take part in a computer conference on Compuserve, moderated remotely by Dick DeLoach and A.J. Austin. WPOP radio personality. Computer panelists include Dr. Robert L. Forward, Author, Physicist; Ben Bova, author. NSS President; Gordon Woodcock, Boeing Space Station Laboratory Module Outfitting Manager, L5 President, NSS Executive Committee Chair. (Mgr Chris Koenigsberg)

Filksing (10:00pm – ?? Chartiers A)
This room and an open mike is reserved for any ‘filkers’ who wish to congregate. Filk is a form of folk music with futuristic themes that has developed in Science Fiction conference circles. What happens depends on who shows up! (Mgr Chuck Divine)

Sunday Sessions

Non-Denominational Memorial Service (8:00am – 9:00am Point state Park fountain. If bad weather: Brigade G)
Memorial in honor and tribute to the Challenger astronauts and all those individuals have their lives for the peaceful exploration of space. Linda Bryant, Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year will assemble a student choral group from Allegheny Middle School. Rev. John A Dompka, St Margaret Mary Church; Rabbi Abraham Ferrer, Beth El Congregation. Akron. Ohio. (Rabbi to Judy Resnik). Point state Park is directly in front of the Hilton. and the fountain is located at the ‘point’ where the three rivers meet. (Mgr Jeff Lengel)

L5 Society Fundraiser Presentation (9:30am – 12:00pm TBA)
The “business” or the L5 society is to help people make a difference about their vision of space. We do this by opportunities for individuals to participate in our mission of creating a space faring civilization that will establish communities beyond the Earth. The 15 Society’s Fundraising Presentation is an opportunity for you to share your vision of space development with others and take effective action towards realizing that vision through contribution. Presentation be given by Gary Oleson and David Torrealba. (Mgr James Muncy)

Commerce: Spacehab Inc (10:00am – 12:00 pm Rivers D&E)
A users’ seminar for the Spacehab, a pressurized module that rests in the cargo bay or the Shuttle and provides additional shirtsleeve work area to augment the crew decks. Spacehab promises to be a commercially attractive addition to the Shuttle’s on-orbit capabilities. Tom Taylor, Director of Engineering, Spacehab; President, Taylor & Associates. (Mgr Bill Ganoe)

Nanotech: In Depth (10:00am – 12:00 pm Chartiers A)
An overview of nanotechnology applications in such diverse fields as computing and medicine, followed by an extensive group discussion of key questions. Will it actually work? How could it speed space development? And how should these prospects affect our strategies? K. Eric Drexler, Stanford Univ.; author, “Engines of Creation”. (Mgr K. Eric Drexler)

The Arts: Opening Space (10:00am – 12:00 pm Duquesne)
Does art pave the way for voyages of discovery, both intellectual and physical? How does art help bring back discoveries from a frontier? Ben Bova, author, Pres. of NSS: Don Slepian. Computer musician; Kim Poor, painter; Jeffrey Fiske, drama researcher; Barbara Albert, painter/author; Chuck Divine, photographer. (Mgr Chuck Divine)

Chapters: A Workshop (10:00am – 12:00 pm Liberty)
An interactive session that includes discussion and brainstorming of real-life chapter situations, reports about regions and special interests, (human!) network organization, and an exploration of the role chapters play in the space movement. Elisa Sisti Wynn, L5/NSS Vice President and Chapters Coordinator; Joe Hopkins, Chairman 5th SDC. founder of several chapters. (Mgr Elisa EWynn)

Computer: Networking (10:00am – 12:00 pm Traders C)
How can we best make the computer work for us in the space movement? Electronic mail of simple and complex varieties, bulletin boards. and new techniques such as “packet radio” will be clearly explained. This is a wide-ranging “how-to” workshop. Bdale Garbee, H-P computer engineer, network software author; Bill Dale. GENIE Information Network, Spaceport Bulletin Board System. (Mgr Bdale Garbee)

Women: Space Involvement (10:00am – 12:00 pm Stanwix)
Could women make the difference in advancing space development? Are there ways to get more women involved in space activism? What roles will be open to women in space colonies, and will women fill them? Is there a “woman’s point of view” toward space? Sandy Adamson, L5/NSS Secretary; Dee Ann DiVis. Third Millennium: Margaret Jordan. TRW; Warren Overton, L5/NSS Phone Tree coordinator; S. J. Reidhead, Women’s Space Network. (Mgr S. J. Reidhead)

Space Activist Luncheon (12:00pm – 1:30pm Ballroom 1)
Now we are family… Gordon Woodcock, L5 President, NSS Executive Committee Chair: and Ben Bova, NSS President. report on the state of the societies And the merger. Elisa Sisti Wynn, L5/NSS Vice President and Chapters Coordinator will present Society awards. (Mgr Jill Steele)

Our Mission: The Breakout Into Space Begins Today (1:30pm – 3:30pm Ballroom 2)
The vast energy and material resources of space could allow all of humanity to survive and prosper. But who make Lunar mines and space colonies actually happen? The answer is that we who’ve seen the vision will – for if we work hard enough, civilization will climb up into space in our lifetimes, and we ourselves will be pioneers on the High Frontier. This starry mission is gigantic and indefinitely long-term; it will become the stuff of heroic legends. What roles can as individuals play in these years of struggle? How do we bring our vision into reality? Speakers: David Webb, Director, Space Studies Program, University Of North Dakota. and Member. National Commission of Space; James Muncy, L5/NSS Board of Directors; Rick Tumlinson, President, Space Frontier Society of New York, and media director, Space Studies Institute. (Mgr James Muncy)

Closing Ceremony (3:30pm – 4:00pm Ballroom 2)
Appreciations — Dale Amon, Conference Chairman, L5/NSS Board member; Summation  — Morris Hornik, 1985-86-87 Conference Main Program Chair; A Look Ahead — Jill Steele. 1988 Space Development Conference Chair, L5/NSS Board member. (Mgr Jill Steele)

Exhibits and Facilities

Art Show (Fri 12:00pm – Sun 3:00pm Allegheny)
See works by Vincent Difate, Jack Olson, Chuck Divine, Kim Poor. Kelly Freas, Don Maitz. Robert Rauschenberg. Karl Kofoed, Carl Lundgren, Ron Walotsky, David Mattingly. Mark Maxwell and others. Ron Miller paintings from “Pioneering the Space Frontier, The Report of the National Commission on Space” and works by Pittsburgh artists Barbara Albert and David Miller are also on display. (Mgr Chuck Divine)

Film Arts (Fri 11:00am – Sun 12:00pm Liberty)
If you need an escape from the bustle of conference activity, drop in for awhile and relax with space documentaries and SF classics. Schedule is posted. (Mgr Mike Cockrell)

Exhibits (Fri 12:00pm – Sun 3:00pm Ballroom Foyer)
Exhibitors include Rockwell ‘Downey. National Space Society, AMSAT Energy Council, American Lunar Society, Spaceweek, Spacepac, Space Institute. New York Aviation Education Association. International Association Of Astronautical Artists and others. (Mgr Alan Wasser)

Conference office (Fri 7:00am – Sun 12:00pm Black Diamond F)
Our office will be staffed through much of the conference for your convenience. See us if you need assistance from our staff, change of travel plans from Forbes Travel. or if you need assistance by conference security. (Mgr Jim McHale)

Artist Meeting Room (Fri 8:00am – Sun 7:00pm Stanwix)
A quiet meeting place for members of the space art community. Special workshops for artists will be held here on Friday. (Mgr Chuck Divine)

Press room (Thu 12:00pm – Sun 6:00pm Forbes)
Off limits to all but accredited press. See Dave Veres or Beverly Freed for accreditation. (Mgr Dave Veres)


Civil Air Patrol
Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
Pittsburgh Convention Bureau
Allegheny Observatory
Carnegie Mellon University
Duquesne University Physics Department
The Enterprise Corporation
International Technology Institute
University of Pittsburgh
Buhl Science Center
Pittsburgh High Technology Council
Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Regional Center for Science Teachers (PRCST)
Space Age Publishlng Company
Eden Harriss
Scott Pace
Omni Publications International
Astromedia Corp.
Space Studies Institute
National Space Society
Teacher in Space Education Foundation
Congr. Doug Walgren
United States Space Foundation
International Association of Aerospace Artists
Kim Poor
Renaissance Systems Inc
Alvin Brannick
Jane Konrad
Mary Warren
Tod Hawley
Ben Bova
Astrotech International
Terri Adams
Greg Barr
Aleta Jackson
Henry Vanderbilt
Lori Garver
Glen Wilson
Dr. John Champa
Dennis Coombs
Al DeSena
Ann Gaudio
Jim Anderson
Helen Goodman
Rich Gough
Jane Gray
Rick Hase
Steve Hills
Alan Kuglar
Jeff Liss
Greg Maryniak
Dr. Richard Parker
Lauri Rohn
Ted self
Paula Shubock
Gordon Woodcock
Chuck Zimkas
Christine Peterson
Ed Bosco
David Stinson
Barbara Albert
Ann Rutledge
Sherry Autry
Bill Doorley
Beverly Freed
Larry Ahearn
Lester Abele
Jacqueline Sasso
Jerome McHale
Roger Berndt
Judy Glover
Barb Lecky
Bill Morton
Rick Staub
Michelle Baker
Jim Ransom
Art Dula
Tim Kyger
Gary Oleson
Joe Hopkins
AIAA Allegheny-Pittsburgh Section
Elisa Wynn
Dr. Thomas Paine
Teaching Space
David Brandt Erichsen
Dr. Roger Dannenberg
Dave Gray
neglected Spouses and children
Sue Plate
Ed Siegel
Sandy Adamson
McDonnell Douglas
Morton Thiokol
American Rocket
Third Millenium
High Frontier
Paulette Sears
Randy Gigante
Dale Arnold
Mary Lou Dolby
Glenn Ward
Tom Silay
Sunil Ahuja
Pat and Miriam Kelly
Grant Fjermedal
Dick Preston
Suzanne Motter
Space Digest
and many, many others

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