Harassment Report Form

The following form is provided for the reporting of harassment in compliance with the NSS Policy Regarding Harassment and Discrimination.

It is the policy of the National Space Society (NSS) to maintain the confidentiality of reports to the maximum extent possible and as allowed by the need to investigate the report (see also the NSS Privacy Policy). If the reporter wishes to be certain that their identity will not be revealed, the following suggestions are offered:

  1. Do not use your real name in making the report
  2. Do not use an email address that can be traced to you or use an anonymity service to protect your identity

However, the reporter should consider that an anonymous report lacking specific details may not be actionable and that NSS may not be able to make requests for additional information that may be necessary to complete the investigation. Also, NSS may not be able to report the actions it has taken back to anyone making an anonymous report.

Before submitting a report, please be sure to read the NSS Policy Regarding Harassment and Discrimination. In filling out the form, please provide as much detail as possible.

After entering your information in the Incident Report Field, be sure to click the Submit Report button and confirm that you receive a “successful submission” message.