Gregory Hunter Biography

Greg Hunter

Gregory M. Hunter

National Space Society Board of Directors

As a pioneering force in the Australian space sector, I have steered transformative initiatives across non-profits, high-tech entrepreneurship, and strategic consulting. Since December 2018, I have served as the Vice President of the National Space Society (NSS) in Australia, driving significant organizational growth and ensuring our activities resonate deeply with our foundational mission.

As Strategic Initiatives Delivery Lead at AROSE, I am part of the team working on an Australian mission, the “Roo-ver” lunar rover project. This Phase 2 project aims to utilize lunar soil for NASA’s In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) team. My role involves building partnerships and organizing key events to support our mission objectives.

As the founder of the New Horizons Summit, I have successfully convened leaders from top industry players including Blue Origin, SpaceX, Amazon, Rolls Royce, Microsoft, Axiom, NVIDIA, Lockheed Martin, and Rocket Labs. These summits focus on creating a sustainable lunar presence and developing a robust supply chain.

In the entrepreneurial arena:

As CEO and Co-founder of Arbiter, I led the company to a million-dollar valuation by developing advanced security solutions. Our work focuses on general security, leveraging innovative approaches and strategic partnerships, particularly with NVIDIA and Microsoft, supported by Moonshot, an investment group composed of founders from some of Australia’s largest space companies.

At Arlula, a satellite imagery marketplace, my contributions in developing growth strategies and enhancing sales processes were instrumental in the company’s early growth stages. Since then, Arlula has achieved a valuation in the tens of millions, with substantial investments from organizations like Lockheed Martin and Main Sequence Ventures.

During my two years as an Advisory Board Member and Director of Innovation for the United Nations Association in Australia, I engaged with global space industry leaders and government officials, fostering pivotal dialogues for space development.

In my consultancy role at PwC, I enhanced Australia’s space tech capabilities, effectively managed the Seven Sisters lunar mission, and developed strategic digital solutions for the Defence and government sectors.

Personally, I am deeply committed to sustainability in space, focusing on developing supply chains that enable individuals to be as self-sufficient as possible, whether here on Earth or in space. This vision drives my efforts to promote sustainable practices within the space industry and beyond.

With a proven track record of visionary leadership and strategic innovation, I am committed to advancing the NSS mission, driving innovative initiatives, and fostering global collaborations that extend our impact in the space industry.