Greg Allison Biography

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Greg Allison

Mr. Allison is currently the Program Manager for the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5) High Altitude Lift-Off (HALO) Program, and as President of the High Altitude Research Corporation (HARC). In these capacities Mr. Allison is actively developing cheap access to space technologies. Mr. Allison has worked on the International Space Station Program for Grumman as a systems engineer specializing in robotics, for the Mevatec Corporation as an electrical power systems integration engineer, and for Teledyne Brown Engineering as a payload integration engineer for external space station experiments. Mr. Allison is currently working for Hernandez Engineering as a safety and product assurance engineer on such projects as Orbital Space Plane, X-37 and HyTEx. Mr. Allison also studies means to defend Earth from asteroids, and the construction of large-scale space stations.

Mr. Allison has served NSS most recently as Executive Vice President and in many other capacities over the past 20 years: Director for NSS (1994 to 1995), Assistant Treasurer for the NSS Executive Committee (1995), Chairman of the highly successful 1993 International Space Development Conference (ISDC), Co-chairman of the NSS National Phone Tree, President of the Huntsville Alabama L5 Society (HAL5), and participant in the NSS Policy Committee.

Since joining the L5 Society, the National Space Institute and the Space Studies Institute in 1978, Mr. Allison consistently promoted space as an avid activist. Mr. Allison founded three chapters: Cumberland L5 Society, North Star L5 Society (1st in Alaska), and HAL5. Mr. Allison also co-founded one of the first chapter councils, the Carolina Council of L5 Societies. He served as state coordinator for both the Alaska and Alabama L5/NSS phone trees, chaired panels calling for people to write their elected representatives, and wrote hundreds of letters himself. Mr. Allison circulated petitions garnering hundreds of signatures.

Mr. Allison has been honored with the NSS Chapters’ Assembly 1996 Outstanding Chapter Member Award and the National Space Society’s Space Pioneer Award for Entrepreneurship, for Project HALO in 1997.