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Gabriela Lindberg

Gabriela Lindberg

National Space Society Board of Directors

Ms. Lindberg has been an active participant at the National Space Society. The role of Social Media Chair has given her the opportunity to learn about almost every type of activity NSS is engaged in, gaining a clear sense of the organization as a whole. Throughout her time at NSS, she has worked particularly close with committees for ISDC 2018-19, Space Policy, Space Health, and Strategic Planning. She was a mentor for the Student Space Settlement Design Competition, and is an officer for the OASIS chapter.

Contrary to norms in this field, Gabriela’s passion for space was not instilled growing up. It was sparked via the lens of its potential ramifications for society. Early and life-long travel had shaped a deep interest in social sciences, design, and cultural influences. Prior to a BA in Urban Studies from The New School University’s School of Public Engagement, she studied extensively abroad: Economics in The Netherlands and Architecture in Italy.

Before applying her eclectic background to space advocacy, Ms. Lindberg worked at the intersection of architecture and marketing at The 7th Art, a NYC-based marketing firm for high-end developers who needed sales in buildings not yet built. There she designed sales exhibit galleries and the sales experience for world-class luxury real estate projects, including Nakheel’s tallest building on Palm Jumeirah (Dubai), Regent Square 24-acre mixed-use community (Houston), and numerous NYC skyscrapers. Gabriela translated the branding, print work, and 3D renderings developed in other departments, into a physical exhibit gallery that took into account a customer journey unique to the pros & cons of the property and the sensibilities of the identified potential buyer. This required input from the client, sale brokers, architects, internal coordination and pitching the concept. Along with a 2-3 person team, she worked closely with builders and vendors for the galleries’ build-out with commissioned on-brand pieces, scale models, and cutting-edge AV installations. Ms. Lindberg continued build-outs on her own, buying and selling property.

A penchant for complex projects with multiple stakeholders was one appeal of space settlement as a concept and rich field of conversation for her since 2002. Attune to major shifts in space development, starting in 2015 Gabriela immersed herself in space conferences, workshops like Mars City Design, and research especially around Mars and hab design and construction.

In 2018 she was a key consultant for the MarsSuit project, founded by NASA-veteran Mr. Kuznetz who implemented and monitored the biometrics of Apollo astronauts on the Moon. Gabriela led market research and investigated business development, including varied avenues of funding, product spin-offs relevant to existing markets, expected product development costs, potential manufacturers, and a meeting at SpaceX with the Director of Crew Operations. She was responsible for developing the content and storytelling aspects of the fundraising pitch decks for venture capitalists, angel investors, spin-off manufacturers, and often delivered the presentation.

Gabriela joined NSS because she is committed to building the communities that can take on the complexities of this dynamic field. As VP of Development, Ms. Lindberg will be investigating partnerships and creative fundraising.

Gabriela believes the focused challenge of how to live OFF Earth will spur solutions and needed conversations for how to thrive ON Earth, and is much needed for our very crowded future!