Ed Burns Biography

Mr. Burns first joined the National Space Society in 2004. Mr. Burns has formerly served the Society as assistant treasurer, member of the NSS Executive Committee, and member of the NSS Board of Directors. As assistant treasurer, Mr. Burns was primarily responsible for helping NSS manage its financial operations, track the expense of its financial resources to the NSS programmatic objectives, and improve its membership model. In addition, he has led efforts to implement organizational policies and procedures that adhere to the highest standards for charitable organizations.

Mr. Burns has been actively involved in other NSS programmatic and operational activities, including serving as a member of the NSS Finance Committee and treasurer of the 2008, 2009, and 2012 International Space Development Conferences. In addition, Mr. Burns has been engaged in various NSS membership and special projects initiatives. In 2010, Mr. Burns received the NSS Award for Excellence.

Mr. Burns earned a B.S. in finance and economics with honors from the Pennsylvania State University. His professional career began at a Big 5 public accounting firm and he is now president of a consulting company based in Washington, D.C. He has extensive management consulting experience and specializes in improving the financial management activities of large organizations.