Dennis Whipple Biography

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Dennis Whipple

Dennis Whipple is a former member of the Board of Directors for the National Space Society (NSS).

Dennis Whipple has been an advocate for space for many years.  In 1980, while serving as an Air Force pilot at March Air Force Base, California, Dennis joined OASIS (The Organization of Space Industrialization and Settlement), then a chapter of the L5 Society.  There, he attended and participated in numerous events and activities in support of space development.  He also became active in the short lived ASAP (American Society of Aerospace Pilots) which provided him with several opportunities to study space flight and attend seminars held in conjunction with space shuttle launches and NASA base tours.

Dennis was often invited to speak to elementary schools on the subject of aviation and space. After being re-assigned to Michigan in the Air Force in 1984, he continued his activism with children and was responsible for raising needed funds which sent kids to Space Camp.  Following the Challenger accident, he helped found several Young Astronaut chapters in schools and on Air Force bases.  In 1986, Dennis left the Air Force, returned to southern California and became an OASIS board member in 1988.  He continued working with schools and other outreach activities such as air shows and aerospace companies, recruiting some members who went on to NSS leadership roles.

Dennis gradually developed an interest in television and video production to complement his BS degree in Electrical Engineering.  He became the local videographer of the OASIS chapter of NSS and has also videotaped the Space Frontier Foundation’s annual conferences for over ten years. Dennis also has volunteered as Audio/Video coordinator for the 2006 International Space Development Conference in Los Angeles.