David Stuart Biography

David Stuart

David Stuart is a former member of the NSS Board of Directors. He wrote:

As many of you know I have been part of the NSS family for many decades serving in various volunteer roles. Some of those NSS roles have been VP for Membership, NSS Board member, NSS Chapters Assembly Chair, VP for Chapters and presently Chair of the Chapters Committee. Additionally I have been President, Vice President or Treasurer for two different Chapters of NSS.

The vision of Humans expanding into Space has remained a high priority for me since joining the L5 Society. I perceive people doing more than just exploring the Space region around Earth and our Solar System. Humanity must establish living communities on other worlds and in orbiting habitats throughout our Galaxy.

There are many challenges ahead in advancing the Space programs, both civilian and governmental, however progress has been made in recent decades that NSS has long been pushing. Humanity is on the cusp of having the commercial and civilian sector take a major role in expanding Human activities in Space. Blue Origin, SpaceX, Boeing and Sierra Nevada are all positioned to make the first long term human presence in Space a reality. NSS must continue to champion those efforts. Additionally the NSS needs to support the Space Science efforts of governments around the world since that science lays the foundation for Human expansion beyond Earth orbit. NSS has been a major supporter in these Space areas and I believe we must expand our efforts and outreach to include more citizens. To me this means more of our NSS volunteer time and money must be used to get the message out about how Space habitation can improve the living standards for all of Humanity.

My view of serving as an NSS Board member is to push for inclusion of a diversity of well reasoned pathways to get Humans living and working in Space. This long term support of the NSS vision in getting Humans into Space is the central goal and function of NSS and it’s precursors (L-5 Society and National Space Institute). That is why I have participated in NSS all these years and am proud to have served on the NSS Board.