Darel Preble Biography

Darel Preble is former member of the Board of Directors of the National Space Society (NSS).

Darel Preble is a systems analyst, physicist and, since 1997, chair of the Space Solar Power Workshop. In 1994, 1995 and 1996, while employed as Southern Company’s nuclear security analyst, he wrote a series of three annual white papers entitled “Solar Power Satellites (SPS): The Technological Imperative?” These were not done at Southern Company request or expense but were circulated within the electric power industry and aerospace community.

Since December, 1984 he had been Sr. Systems Analyst for INCORE, a nuclear class 1 (safety related) IBM mainframe computer code which managed the nuclear burn at Southern Company’s PWR nuclear reactors. He created, taught and hired teachers for classes in new technology systems including neural networks and genetic algorithms; initiated and led numerous advanced technology development projects including an advanced weather forecasting evaluation for bulk power marketing; He represented Southern Company at numerous power industry conference and computer forums including EPRI, EEI, and INFORUM.

Mr. Preble’s first published testimony before the Department of Energy for the “Third Energy Plan”, 1980, “Solar Power Satellites – Energy for the Future” was read into the Congressional Record for June 22, 1981.

He was honored to be the only foreigner to address the 2005 Japanese Solar Power Satellite Research Society Symposium.

He is a member National Defense Industries Association Energy Security Committee, IEEE, Sigma Xi, SSI, and Peachtree Presbyterian Church. He enjoys jogging, spelunking, scuba diving and surfing without a board to stand on. He is married, in good health, and holds the following degrees: M.S., Physics, Georgia State University, Thesis: “Shell Model Calculation of the Splitting between the T=0 and T=1 6- States of Silicon 28 (Nuclear modeling) M.A., Administration (Systems Management), George Washington Univ. Thesis: Research & Development forecasting; B.A., Physics, Vanderbilt University.