Dale Amon Biography

dale amon portrait

Dale Amon

National Space Society Board of Directors

Dale Amon has worked in technology, academia, and music in the United States and the United Kingdom, and in Northern Ireland where he resides at the present time. He is a technology entrepreneur of many ventures, one of which was the first Internet service provider in Ireland. He has worked at Queens University in Belfast and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. At the latter he did hand-eye robotics at the Robotics Institute and haptic control systems for NASA in the Computer Music Lab. He has worked with several New Space ventures and is currently the CEO of Immortal Data Corporation, a New Space company developing spacecraft black box technology with FAA support. He was an on-site contractor / Senior Engineer to XCOR Aerospace on the Lynx Spaceplane responsible for its data acquisition, storage and display.

Dale’s management credentials span several decades. He has nearly always been in a position where managing and dealing with people was of even greater importance than dealing with technology. Among the things he brings to the NSS Board are good personal ties within the commercial space and nanotechnology industries and also with the leadership of other space organizations.

Dale has shared the NSS vision of a space-faring, space-living, solar-system-wide civilization of free men and women since being a small child, and his roots in the National Space Society and its predecessor, the L5 Society, run deep. Over the years he has:


  • Been presented with an NSS award for Exceptional Service in 2007.
  • Been presented with an NSS Space Activist of the Year Award for 2011.
  • Founded and run a successful chapter.
  • Managed a regional conference.
  • Chaired the 1987 International Space Development Conference.
  • Been the Spacepac Chapters Coordinator.
  • Testified before the Presidential National Commission on Space.
  • Published in the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society.
  • Run a Novel Propulsion Systems conference track.
  • Assisted in perhaps two thirds of the 31 ISDCs.
  • Chaired the NSS Conference Coordinating Committee from 2002 until 2016, a period which encompassed some of the most successful conferences in the history of the Society.
  • Founded and Chaired the NSS Archives Committee.
  • Served multiple terms as regional and at-large board member.
  • Helped found the Mikkelson Award for the first woman on Luna.
  • A founder and Chair of the NSS Space Settlement Summit.